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you and me babe, how about it?


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who is this meant for? :huh: I'm lost, a little.


anywho. was just reading a news story about Chris and Gwyneth, how they almost missed their 1st-class flight 'cuz they were dressed like beggars!! LMAO. And the very next thing they play on the radio is Coldplay's "God put a smile on your face" :rolleyes:


God gave your grace...


Scruffy Chris and Gwyneth Nearly Turned Away From First-Class Flight



Newlyweds Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow were nearly turned away from boarding a flight Sunday - because they were dressed so scruffily.


The low-key pair checked in at London's Gatwick Airport for a trip to Mexico via Dallas in such shabby clothing that the ground staff thought the A-list couple could be homeless.


Coldplay front man Chris wore dirty khaki trousers and boots, whereas Oscar-winning actress Gwyneth dressed down in ripped jeans and old shoes.


Staff at the airport kept the couple talking while colleagues checked to see if there was a dress code for the $35,611-a-pair ticketed flight. They were let through after a short delay.


A source says, "As a rule, first class passengers who pay out thousands of pounds for their seats are dressed immaculately. This was something of a turn-off.


"It was highly embarrassing when Chris and Gwyneth arrived at the first class check-in desk.


"Initially it was thought they were down and out and had stopped to ask for directions. It wasn't until they produced their tickets people realized who they were. Then the rules had to be checked to determine if they were allowed in the luxury cabin in such attire.


"The couple was very friendly and behaved perfectly.


"Chris and Gwyneth clearly didn't want to be spotted and dressed accordingly but it nearly cost them their flight."

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