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Ours - "Fallen Souls" (listen to this guy sing)


Silverchair - "Across the Night" and "Tuna in the Brine" (The best songs off of their latest album "Diorama")


Rufus Wainwright - "Go or Go Ahead" (Off of his newest album "Want One")


Andreas Johnson - "Glorious" (I've never met anyone who's heard of this guy, but the song might be strangely familiar)

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Do it clean and All that jazz - Echo and the Bunnymen

Quicksand - David Bowie

Heroin - Velvet Underground

Master and Servant - Depeche Mode

Torch - Soft Cell

Marian - Sisters of Mercy

Bull in the heather - Sonic Youth.


I know it´s quite big, but I just love these songs...

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