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Coldplay lands in Argentina....


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YAY!!!! Finally, the best british band ever has reached the far far side of the world.... my little but still beloved country....

On the december issue of Inrockuptibles magazine (is originally french, actually) Chris and the lads were in the cover.... and the appeared twice this month in the most read newspaper in the country.... and they were really good articles.... I'll see if I can post them later.

Oh, I forgot, the last article included a great Jonny interview, where he says they have over 70 songs, but will keep only 15 for the new album.

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Guest LiquidSky

yeah the only thing bad is that you don't know exactly what is going to happen.....so yeah let's sing, i'll be waiting 'till the day i die......nope that does not sound good....having to wait is not good......n-ways how are you?

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