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Well, I'm not "new" I guess per se, since you can see

to the left there that I've been a "member" since

Sep 2011.


However, I just started actually posting in the past few

days lol.


I'm going to try to be more active on here in the future

(although of course I'm saying this a week or so before

my finals lmao).


So, anyways, hello!! :)


- Paul



It makes me unbelievably happy that there are so many people who love Coldplay like I do,

and so many members of this forum, and Coldplay groups in general across the Internet.


Unfortunately, I've only known like 2 people in real life who said Coldplay was their favorite

band. But, thankfully on the internet I've found many more, so yay technology!! xD

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Welcome, Paul! Glad you've come out of the shadows!:D


Thanks xD


And nice, didn't know you were on here! (Though, guess I should have expected it coming from a Coldplay Facebook group lol)


Also, goodness gracious do you have a lot of posts haha

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