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Jon Hopkins Remix


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I found this interview


VW: You recently worked with Coldplay again, co-producing the track “Midnight” off the new album Ghost Stories. It’s decidedly more electronic than a lot of their previous output, it seems. What was your role in producing that particular track?


JH: Quite often [Chris Martin] will ask me if I have any sounds or ideas lying around that he might find inspiring, and I had this track that didn’t have a name or a place. I’d started it a long time ago. I played it to him, and he fell in love with it, and [assisting producer] Dan Green got a sort of vocal that’s like sound effects, and that’s what you hear. He came up with that vocal line very quickly. I stepped away from the production after that, and then they finished it off in their own way.


VW: There’s also your own remix of the track. What was your approach for, in a way, kind of remixing what is in large part one of your own tracks, and then with Chris’ vocals; what was your approach to remix that piece?


JH: I thought, maybe I can just finish the track how I was originally going to finish my own version, but incorporate vocals. Then when I started working on it, I realized that my style had changed a lot in the last few years, and I just fell into this sort of techno rhythm with it and it just worked, so I went with that. I wanted to make it, like, grow out of the song; there are the vocals and all the sounds, and then grow out more effects going on with the vocals, and then taking the vocals and building the rhythms around them and just… it’s almost like you’re listening for something, and it triggered off an idea, like, it happened spontaneously. I’ve been incorporating that track into my live set, and it’s really been working well, actually.


Link: http://vancouverweekly.com/interview-jon-hopkins-coldplay-next-album-retirement/

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