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Make your own Origami star [according to Target video]


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Thanks Katiepope.


I like this one. Will looks mad when he got lifted up. :lol:



Now I'm searching the postcard from far away project thread.

I didn't the join the forum then but if we do the origami stars project this time, I'm totally in.


OMG Will! :lol::laugh3: His facial expressions are so spot on JAHAHA

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not sure where to post it but for anyone interested Target youtube now has a bunch more little clips up!


Cant embed all, but here are all the links:



Target's MoreColdplay Sweepstakes


MoreColdplay: Making Stars

MoreColdplay: Signing Stars

MoreColdplay: Chris in Stars

MoreColdplay: Behind The Scenes Extended

MoreColdplay: Rigging up Band

MoreColdplay: Outtakes

MoreColdplay: Behind the Scenes

MoreColdplay: Rig Setup

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I've made my own!!

I think it looks very nice, I' going to make more of it.

Maybe with thinks like the Mylo artwork of the Viva la Vida painting!! :D




This is so cool! Was wondering though, did you print out the lyrics? :D

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I also made my own sky full of stars, it was really easy to do and I think it looks great (especially the shadows on the wall when I turn on the light).

I love the stars above the stage on live shows, very simple and yet so beautiful! It somehow fits the atmosphere of GS. :nice:





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