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Gaming: Does anybody know any good video game titles?


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I'm not the most dedicated gamer. I don't watch those youtube videos or purchase games as often as I used to... But I'm just wondering if anyone is into that kind of stuff. I found that my main obsessions were the Sonic the Hedgehog series, Kingdom Hearts, and some iPad apps like Botanicula and Mechanarium. I guess this can be a thread where those who are interested can recommend games to each other.

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Super dead thread haha


I am a huge fan of adventure games, though I play quite a few action games as well. Off the top of my head I´d recommend:


Adventure :


Longest Journey/Dreamfall/Chapters trilogy


Gabriel Knight

Wolf among us


Broken Sword


There are so many others I love and its good the adventure genre has gotten a revival thanks to Kickstarter too :)


Other games

All the lego games (I just love them)

Star Wars Force Unleashed I and II

Star Wars Clone Wars

Indiana Jones

DuckTales Remastered


Anyway I hope someone might post here or to another thread about gaming. I am a big gamer :)

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