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Autonomous sensory meridian response

Prince Myshkin

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So I recently discovered I have this. I've always been aware of it though didn't know it was an actual thing and it doesn't happen to me enough for it to be a part of my general everyday consciousness so isn't something I've looked into. Turns out I have a rather narcissistic version of it, in that I get it when somebody is drawing me. Feel a bit Dorian Gray about the whole thing haha, but it really is bliss. I think it's the closest I can get to meditation. My friend gets it from watching people write.


Anybody else experience this?



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I struggle to explain it, hence why I've never bothered to articulate it to anybody before until I've seen that it's an actual thing. I can only describe it as a minor paralyses or a temporary removing from oneself, like you'd find in an orgasm but without the intense pleasure.


Wow :inquisitive:

That's kind of mind blown to me haha. I have never experienced that and I dont know exactly how you feel. But watching that video I'm still wondering about if this affects to your voice - when you have a conversation with someone, instead of saying out loud, you whisper? I'm not sure if that has any relations too lol.

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Different people have different things that it works for. My friend gets it when he watches somebody writing something. it's kind of like an inner peace, I guess. i get it when somebody is drawing me. Some people get it when they hear specific whispering. Some people don't get it at all.

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I can't help but feel that this is something Thalia would experience.

Funny that you mention me, because a few months ago I also discovered this "thing" and tried watching a few videos to check if I also get this weird sensation in my head.



Turns out, I get absolutely agressive and angry at everyone in the video if people start talking in quiet or hushed voices, it makes me so MAD :|:uhoh:

The sounds of pens writing on paper makes me unconfortable.


This video here, on the other hand....






Holy shit man, tHE BEANS





























































Greg are you a fuckin psych or what how did u know I would feel like that STOP that u creepO :wacky:

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I had never heard of ASMR. Whispering makes me so irritated, so first I thought no, I don't have it, but the beans... oh yes! Scalp massage definitely, and some other kinds of massage but not all.

I never thought about it, thought everyone had it, but now I understand some things I've experienced :)

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I know right? It's like:











Oh :surprised:


Exactly! :)

I'm a gardener, now I understand why I love large seeds like beans. Nice to have an explanation of the weirdness :D

Haha the spoon in the container. I know what you mean, but I might actually do that myself I'm afriad. I can't think of other irritating sounds now but I know there are a few.

Oh and scent! Sweet peas and basil for example gives me that tingle.

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Ok, i'm coming out of the closet as an ASMR addict, sort of! for about 3-4 years.


My ASMR tastes change. This was the video below that got me into it, although at the time, ASMR wasn't used at all as a label but everybody adds it now on any relaxing or massage video. I personally prefer more 'natural' videos, rather than someone forcing a sound so stuff like massages are great! It's all artificial ways to make you relax and cause an 'Autonomous sensory meridian response' ;)




Lita was the one who started it all really. Once her videos blew up on Youtube, demand got higher and higher and then was eventually called ASMR, with people then making ASMR Youtube channels for the sole purpose of bringing up the feeling you get with ASMR. Another lady and my personal favourite is Victoria Sprigg :) You may say, "well, these are just massage videos" but the difference is the voice. They need to have a soft spoken tone which is appealing otherwise its just an ordinary massage video and that is what makes it ASMR for a lot of people!




I love barbering videos too! This, Haircut Harry and The Nomad Barber are my favourites :D




Dimitri has the best dedicated ASMR channel. He doesn't force it and that's important, he's very natural at it and has so many brilliant ASMR videos :)




And this one is just plain weird haha! I liked Olivia's channel but it felt too forced after a while




If you need any ASMR recommendations, feel free to ask :D There was an ASMR site/blog I subscribed to before it got popular but i'm not sure if its still active. Posted constant videos, i'll try to find it :P

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^ nice, an expert :charming:


I just skipped over the two first videos, and I cringe everytime I hear an "S". It's too sharp to my ears :dead:


I'm really not feeling any of the voice videos, I rather go back to my coffee beans :wacky:

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