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Coldplaying Fan Interview with Linus


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Welcome to Coldplaying, Linus. It’s nice to have you here with us.

Coldplay have been really amazing for the past 17 years and still ongoing and we think the LP7 is going to be awesome. But we would like to know more about you and your passion about Coldplay.




So Linus, may you introduce yourself, where are you from and what do you do?


I live in Sweden, in a little town called Karlskoga. I work full time at my dad's company in the summer and during the winters I work at a ski resort driving snowmobiles all day long. I do a lot of sim racing (in Coldplay inspired paint schemes of course), and during the hockey season I try to attend as many games as I can.


Why Coldplay? Can you tell us your experience when you first started following the band?


It’s a pretty funny and long story actually, but I’ll give you the long version of it. I think it was back in 2000 when visiting my aunt who lives in England, and her husband had this really good CD on in the car. I didn’t know at the time what it was as I was only eight years old, but I’ve later figured out that it was Parachutes. For my next birthday I got a CD from them called “Now that’s what I call music 47”. I listened through it, and when I heard Trouble I fell in love with it.


A few years later (I guess 2003) I got another CD from them of the same series, but with number 54. I got to Clocks, and I had a new favorite song right away. I don’t know how long it took me to realize it was the same band as Trouble, but I know it wasn’t straight away. A few years after this I bought a CD for my that which had Speed Of Sound on it, but before I even realized it was a Coldplay song I was in love again. Then when I finally managed to figure out that all those three songs was from the same band, I had a new favorite.


Some time after these online music videos came along and I started listening to more Coldplay songs on the internet. Eventually I bought my first CD, which quickly turned in to two and then three. So it took quite a few year, but that’s basically how it happened.


What does Coldplay mean to you and who is your favorite member?


I don’t really want to say that Coldplay means that much too me, but considering I listen to them every single day, I guess they’re a pretty big part of my life! Favorite member is hard to pick, but I guess I’ll have to pick Will, simply because I am a drummer myself.


How many times have you seen Coldplay in concert? Can you share your experience with us? You can share with photos if you have one.


I saw them for the first time in 2009 in Stockholm, and again in 2012. Then I went to London in 2014 for the very special Ghost Stories show at the Royal Albert Hall.


The first one was obviously really special as it was the first time I saw them live. And that feeling that came rushing through me when they walked on stage is something I don’t think I’ll ever feel again. It was so special.


The Mylo tour was the best one performance wise in my opinion. All the colours around the stadium, the energy from the stage and all the great new songs all matched up perfectly! And the sea of Xylobands just added that last little extra touch to make it one of the nights I’ll never forget.


July 2nd 2014 at the Royal Albert Hall in London is the one that stands out the most though. Not necessarily the best one, but the atmosphere surrounding the whole event, and all the great people I met definitely makes it the best Coldplay experience I’ve had yet.



Royal Albert Hall all lit up


If you met Coldplay for the first time, who would you like to meet?


Obviously all of them, but again I think I’d pick Will if it was only one.


Can you describe your favorite album and why. Make sure you don’t mention all of them because we know they are so good to listen to!

A Rush Of Blood To The Head. It’s an album full of great songs, and there is not a single downside too it. The ending of Politik at full volume gives me chills down my spine. In My Place is a very simple but yet awesome song. The Scientist is nothing other than beautiful. Clocks is still my favorite. Warning Sign is the one song I don’t think I could ever live without. The Live 2003 version of A Rush Of Blood To The Head is my favorite version of all the Coldplay songs. Amsterdam is a great way to finish the album. And the B-sides of the singles are some of the best aswell, so this whole era if completely packed with awesomeness!





What song do you think that is always on repeat?


Don’t Panic, Clocks, Warning Sign, Murder, Ink, A Sky Full Of Stars, A Rush Of Blood To The Head Live 2003 and Always In My Head Live 2014.


Coldplaying is an unofficial fan site of Coldplay, which we are pretty sure you recognize it too. Can you tell us your experience on Coldplaying so far? What is it like to be a fan of Coldplay?


Coldplaying have given me some really good friends, and I think it is to thank for pretty much everything I experienced in London. Without Coldplaying I might not even have gone there.


Being a Coldplay fan is something very special. While you meet some great people at the shows and get to listen to some great music, you also get to take a lot of shit for it. I’ve learned to ignore it now, and just act like I don’t care, but as some people just keep going on about it it’s kind of hard to get away from it completely.


What are your hopes for the next album?


I’m hoping for something of a mix between A Rush Of Blood To The Head and Mylo Xyloto, with a touch of Parachutes and X&Y.


We would love to see your collections :)


My collection has grown pretty big lately, and I’ve just started listing it all so I can keep track of everything. What I have at the moment is 47 CD and DVD versions of the albums, singles and promos, 17 7” vinyls, 5 12” vinyls, 10 t-shirts, 4 limited edition lithographs and a bunch of other stuff.



All my CDs, DVDs, singles, promos and vinyls



AROBTTH #422/500 and X&Y #376/500



My entire Ghost Stories collection

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