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Can someone please write a song?


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Hey guys!

Looking for an aspiring musician


Want to write a song about I am feeling as I want to get it of my mind!


So just wondered if someone would like to help


If you do just pm me?


Any questions ask here ?


Many thanks



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You're making this request at a time when Coldplay are in their 'off-season lull' and as a result, many posters are not active on the forums.


Secondly, its hard to manufacture a good song in such an artificial way. Not impossible, but more difficult to produce a good product.

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Charlie, will you write one for me, pls? I'm picky though.

I might put some song lyrics on here some time, because living in Canada means that I have automatic copyright protection under domestic laws. So by being the first to publish it thru some medium (this site is included, ...I'm assuming), I'm less likely to get burned than I would be by generating stuff 'blindly' (sending it out privately and unsolicited).

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I wrote (or started) a cool song called "You've Really Done it, Now". It's funny and it's pretty good but I have to edit it a bit before posting. While I was writing, a fireworks display was going on and there was a live band in the distance playing 60's classics.

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You've (Really) Done it Now


You've done it now, you showed your stuff

Now you've really built me up

Now I'm taller than the highest building

how will I find which room you're in?


If I can leap there in just a few bounds,..

What will you do if I can't slow down?


If you shine your eyes like a waving wand

What if it makes me a statue of bronze

Or just the most beautiful girl (man) in the world

How will you ever find the words

To talk to me, to get the nerve

To walk with me ,

If you've really done it, done it now


If I leap my way to you

in just a few bounds

what will you do

when I can't slow down


You've really done it, done it now



And isn't it sad that we had to say,

"And to think we're just human beings".

If I sing your songs will they ever believe

I've never dated Sophocles

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Here's part two:


(You've Really Done it Now)


Now you've done it, done it now

What if this feeling's bigger than love

What if it's tossing a rose at an elf

Who can't catch without crushing herself



I'll build you up so much, you'll see

We'll both be huge, heads in the trees


With heads in the clouds, can't make it down

And what if the song starts drawing crowds


If I can't stop singing the light into dark

And the song rings out like a meadowlark

How will you know my voice from the birds'

and whatever you do,

you can't catch the words


And what if God starts singing it too

And says "Go, .. write it down now"

Or will he say, "You've done it, clown"

And throw us down,like it's all too much

But it's all cool

So we'll all keep in touch.

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Charlie: Feel free to re-arrange because I didn't get the rhyme&meter perfect as you might have noticed :) I have a new song in reserve that's in more of a rock format but I just posted the funny poem instead. It has some good concepts, I thought. But the lines could be shortened or re-arranged.

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1)I was surprised to learn that he's ahead of the program to keep music courses in schools

(for American children). Its' good to see an electro-musician who is so respected.

2)I used to own a copy of the Ecco/Dolphin soundtrack and it sounds like some of your work

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I missed this somehow. I love it. Yeah i'd probably end up adjusting some phrasing here or there but i really like it. I'm gonna give it a try. Could end up being the worst thing ever but if that's the worst that could happen, i think we're gonna be ok

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