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Guess the song being played!


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I think yours is from Live 2003. I remember seeing a similar image in the See You Soon footage but Iit could be anything else where he is not at the Piano. Is it See you Soon ?


You beat me to it.....I think it is See You Soon :)

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Is it Talk? I really don't know this one i'm saying randomly[emoji16][emoji23]. But i'm pretty sure that it's from X&Y era. By the way, Chris is taking selfies [emoji23].


Hmmm no, not See You Soon. See You Soon had bokhes. And yes it is from Live 2003

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Hm, it might be A Rush Of Blood To The head then ?


In picture it looks like Chris is sitting somewhere probably on chair playing piano, so no, Chris took guitar while singing A Rush of Blood to the Head. Try again [emoji6]

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