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Hi everyone! My name's Nikki, I'm 18 and currently living in Philly [emoji41] I've been a massive Coldplay fan since Viva era...Viva was actually the first album I ever bought with my own money, and Coldplay was the first real concert I ever went to. Coldplay's the only reason I became interested in music in the first place...I'm currently pursuing a career in the music business and I certainly wouldn't be on this career path if I never discovered Coldplay!

I used to be a pretty heavy member of this forum five or six years ago (look up the use Coldplay Junior if you wanna see some embarrassing posts from a 12 year old). I still remember all the stuff I used to do back then- the mixtape exchanges, the Postcards project, the LRLRL exchange... I guess after a while school and all my other commitments got in the way. I've been lurking on here since the AHFOD hype has picked up, but I figured it was finally time to register again!

One more thing that's changed since I last logged in...I finally got the Coldplay tattoo I always wanted! It's my profile picture if you're curious to see it

Glad to be back!

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Hi Coldplay fans. New to this site as I just learned about it. My name is Cindy and I live in Syracuse, NY. I've never seen them live and maybe someday I will get the opportunity. I absolutely [emoji813]️[emoji813]️[emoji813]️ them. Very talented! I just love Chris's accent. Love their first song out from their [emoji332] as I listened to it [emoji790] in the morning...lol Hope to chat with you all. [emoji137]. [emoji446] [emoji441] [emoji450] [emoji443]

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Hello again. Thank you. Is anyone going to PA in August? I just bought a ticket for August 6th and I'm so excited...can't wait. Just need to reserve a room close by if I can. Anyone going from Syracuse, NY?

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