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[2015-12-05] Coldplay At Capital FM's Jingle Bell Ball

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The video stream works for me, but it says to watch the jingle bell ball Monday at 7! So maybe it isn't broadcasting the video live?

yeah, looks like video won't be streamed live.

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Maybe it's time for the red carpet and stuff now, according to the live blog on capital.fm http://www.capitalfm.com/jingle-bell-ball/

They aren't saying anything about performances. And I'm going to turn off this channel now, damn shit music haha

And the stars keep on rolling! Here are the 'In2' wonders..

by Capital 7:13 PM



So the show wont start till 7:13?

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Video or just audio?


well I can't get either, but there's a twitter feed streaming with everything that's going on. My audio stream has normal radio with occasional live feed of people showing up backstage and the video stream just seems to be "top" music videos

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