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Chris Martin penned "Everyday's like Christmas" - Kylie Minogue


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Can't leave out the fact that it's produced by Stargate Actually sounds a bit like a Coldplay's "Miracles", but has more ambient and atmospheric background. I wonder if it's an indicative of what's coming up on A Head Full of Dreams. I actually imagined a few songs on album sounding exactly like that, being atmospheric and having a modern production.

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James Corden was stuck in LA, Iggy Pop was in Miami I think and Chris Martin, bless him, he was in the midst of wrapping up the new Coldplay album so they had no time but he and (producers) Stargate managed to put that together. And Frank Sinatra sang from heaven.


Kylie’s working relationship with Chris Martin and Coldplay continues on the festive record, with the songwriter gifting her Every Day’s Like Christmas for the project.

“When I mentioned to him I was doing a Christmas album he went ‘Oh, I’ve got ...’ and hesitated,” she recalls of Martin. “Then he said, ‘I’ve got this song and I’d love you to have it’. He just had to finish it, but we pushed back delivering the album until we had that song because we were so excited about it.

“You can tell that it’s written by Chris Martin. You can hear him on some of the backing vocals and some beautiful whistling by him in the intro. Not that it’s a duet, but we finally got to do something together that will reach people.”

A Coldplay “superfan”, Kylie has heard a “skerrick” of the band’s new album recorded with Norwegian hitmakers Stargate (Rihanna, Beyonce). Her verdict: “I love the direction.”


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