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Chris Martin Interview in German magazine "Focus" - translated

I ran away

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Read a short online version (don't have the magazine), here are the key quotes for you translated, including interesting info on "Fun":


"It's about how to change suffering and pain into something called happiness. Life is what you make of it. So you can either sit around being depressed and resigned because so much shit is happening around you and in the world. Or you can face life with a positive attitude. By saying: Okay, there are problems, but why don't we make an effort to solve thess problems ?"


The AHFOD song most reflective of the separation from GP is "Fun", according to Martin: " That's for sure the song that is the farthest away from feelings like happiness. When something ends and falls apart, naturally everything at first sinks down in disappointment and frustration. But then you should try to extract the good memories and keep them forever. Even a failed relationship had a lot of happiness, which you can save and store."


"I think AHFOD is a reasonable conclusion of all our albums. If you had time and wanted to listen to all of them, it would feel like a journey, with AHFOD being the final stage. You could also say: a Happy Ending."


Martin leaves it in the open if AHFOD will be Coldplay's last album: "It's the last album in this cycle." According to him, it is unclear if another cycle is to follow: "Who knows. We're concentrating on the present first. We wanna go out, play a lot and infect the people who see us with high spirits."

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