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References to other Coldplay songs/albums in AHFOD?

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Thought I'd start this since I felt like there quite a few call-backs, but I might have missed some. Notice any references to other Coldplay albums/songs in the new record?


I caught (and I'm sure others noticed):


"So if you love someone, you should let them know

Oh, the light that you left me will everglow..."

Everglow, AHFOD


"Said if you love me, won't you let me know?

If you love me, won't you let me know?"

Violet Hill, Viva La Vida

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Flock/Group of BIRDS


Speed of Sound:

"And birds go flying at the speed of sound

To show you how it all began..."


Up with the Birds:

"The birds they sang, break of day..."



"Flock of birds

Hovering above..."


A Head Full of Dreams:

"For the thirst and for the hunger

come the conference of birds..."



"And we’ll be birds

flying free..."


Amazing Day:

"And I asked

Can the Birds in poetry chime?"

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^ LOL i listen to the song again and your right... They must have changed the lyrics because they definetely did say "And I asked every book" at GC... Studio version seemed to have different lyrics lol. But you are right.


EDIT: What the heck!!!!! It's "Can the birds" in GC too!!! What is this???


EDIT2: Now I know why I got mixed up. Ever since I heard "The Racer" cover this, they said "And I asked every book". I heard the others like it too. Now that I heard the correct lyrics it makes sense. But The Racer cover actually does sing those lyrics.

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