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I'm Chris (real name!), a French woman (although "woman" sounds weird to write, I guess it's the proper word to describe who I am, given my advanced age!), living in Paris, and following Coldplay since... 2002 or 2003, can't really remember. I've attended 4 to 5 of their concerts, the latest to date being their O2 Indigo / Warchild gig in London. And... I'll be back to London on 15th of June at Wembley, despaired as I am that no French date has been set up for their AHFOD tour yet in the capital area. Still hoping, though :)


I am very thankful that Coldplay's music exists in my life - It's a part of me just as my heart or my hands are, and I have the feeling that I wouldn't be 100% me without it, actually. So far, their songs have accompanied / supported me in all the stage of my life, be they sad stages, or really happy ones. E.g., I used to say quite often that "Coldplay saved my life" - which is true, and also I gave birth to my twins listening to the Mylo Xyloto Album back in 2013 ;-)


In short, I'm today very happy to be a new member of your community, and looking forward to exchange / share with you on what on what brought us together here on Coldplaying.com :)


A bientôt !

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