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Amazing Day to be 4th single from A Head Full Of Dreams - Music Video announced

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BUENOS AIRES. Coldplay frontman Chris Martin has confirmed the song “Amazing Day” to be released as the fourth and final single from the band’s latest album A Head Full of Dreams. In an interview with a local radio station, the singer stated that the song was to be released to South and North American radio stations in early May. “We are excited to be on tour again after such a long time, and we think that Amazing Day truly captures the spirit of this tour and the state of mind we are currently in. So yeah, the choice came natural to us”, explained Martin wide-eyed and with visible joy. Questioned what he personally considers as an amazing day, he said “I’m so grateful for everything in life, you know, to be here and everything….I think that every day is an amazing day. Just like every teardrop is a waterfall.”


The singer also divulged first details about the music video accompanying the release of the new single. The video will feature Martin waking up at his home in a low mood, upon which the doorbell rings and an Amazon package arrives. As he opens it and finds his order of Milky Way bars has arrived, his day brightens and the music kicks in, conveying the new-found joy in life. “It’s true, the Amazing Day video will be sponsored by Amazon and Milky Way. We couldn’t afford the shooting of a new music video otherwise…we haven’t been on tour for a while and we spent our last money on royalties for the Rihanna and Drake song Work, which we are going to sample on our next album” says Martin with a shrug, almost apologetically. “Rihanna is just an amazing artist, one of the best out there along with One Direction. The lyrics in Work are so profound…when I heard it I thought, man, I could never write anything as deep as that. So we asked her for permission to sample her song on our next album…and she was so sweet, she said yes and let us write a check right away !”


Asked about his favorite and least favorite part of the Amazing Day videoshoot, the Coldplay frontman answered: “The best part was when we got to the chorus, cause there instead of singing Amazing Day all the time I occasionally have to sing Amazon Day in the video edit which was really fun. The hardest part was singing the line “the whole Milky Way”. It required swallowing a whole Milky Way bar afterwards, and we had to do five takes to get it right. You know, I had the stomachache of a lifetime that afternoon !” says Martin, laughing.


Finally, is there any news about the next album, so eagerly anticipated by fans around the world ? Martin only graces this question with an enigmatic smile, but informed circles in the music industry have confirmed that a release date for the band’s eighth studio album is already fixed: April 1st, 2017.

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