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[2016-5-4] Chris Martin to appear on Kevin & Bean from KROQ Watch Live

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Chris Martin Joining Kevin & Bean Wednesday

The interview will also be streamed live on KROQ's Facebook page beginning at 9am



Coldplay frontman Chris Martin will be stopping by The Kevin & Bean Show Wednesday morning to talk about their new single “Up&Up” and upcoming Rose Bowl shows on August 20 & 21. The band will be touring in supporticon1.png of their latest album A Head Full Of Dreams – available now.

The new single “Up&Up” features a host of guest appearances, including vocals from Beyoncé and legendary Gimme Shelter singer Merry Clayton, as well as a guitar solo from Noel Gallagher.

Watch the interview live on the KROQ Facebook page Wednesday beginning at 9am PT. If you’re not by a computericon1.png, you can also listen live on your smartphone using the Radio.com app.

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That was great. He looks so well and happy. At the mention of Leeds and Manchester he said "home"...ahhhhh...sweet, but I did notice a couple of little words with American accents. One month today I'll be in Manchester for the concert - can't wait.:bliss:

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I have written some things down and will try to sum them up.


- The interviewer asks Chris "is it hard to be you too?" and Chris repeats "is it hard to be U2"


- The Superbowl was so intense, the next time they probably do the same thing. They wanted to say something positive.


- What's left for Coldplay to do? Chris: Run for president.

They are living in the moment, they are loving to tour as they never did before. Having so much fun playing and being together. The setlist is great.

They have a chemistry that you can't put a prize on.

If you like Coldplay you are gonne like the show.

Coldplay live is better.


- talking about the Xylobands, who are invented by a guy who makes sextoys. :D


At the end Chris is talking right into the camera: I'm sorry that I didn't brush my hair, just got out of the sea.

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