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Any sports you like?


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I wondered if there are any sports you like/do/once did?

What do you like about it? Do you maybe even have any achievements, cups or something like that?


Or do you prefer watching sports on TV?



I totally suck at any ball or team sports, but I really like running, HIIT, dancing, bodyweight exercises, Pilates, Yoga, etc cause it makes me feel super energized and happy. [emoji1]


How about you?

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I used to play football/soccer. I did fine until around my mid-teens when I kind of lost interest. I played baseball for a few years as a kid, too. Right now I'm more into running and bicycling.


I'm much more of a sports fan than an athlete. :dance: I love to watch baseball, ice hockey, American football, European football, and auto racing.

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Guest diogo_sg

Regarding ball/team sports, I'm okay at basketball, handball, tennis, ping pong and badminton. I'm terrible at football/soccer and volleyball.

I also love running, cycling and sometimes I do weight training too :D

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I tried Boxercise, which I loved, but got put off by the instructor making us take our socks off aswell as our shoes. I enjoy swimming (actually going on Thursday with friends), Pilates, I used to enjoy Basketball at school and now just take a basketball down to the court and practice shooting (I would join a team if I had more time /I knew people who were interested and hiring a basketball court didn't cist too much). I've yet to try proper Yoga as the one I attend is more Meditation-Yoga than exercise Yoga. I also enjoy jogging too [emoji5] x


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I thought this was a new thread I didn't know this existed haha.

Anyways, I'm really bad at sports. Once I tried playing soccer and somehow I always played the front center (I don't know how this position is called) but never managed to score a goal (not that I recall :braces:) I used to watch soccer matches but I lost interest because my favorite team hasn't played well in the last years.

I think I'm better at playing chest (if this counts as sport) I don't know any strategy movements but I can defend myself :cool:

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