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[2017-6-26] Ullevi, Gothenburg, Sweden


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Only two months left to one of the best days of our lives!!!


I'm going alone and I have an early entry ticket; it would be fun to get in touch with someone else with early entry. Anyone out there?


Also, does anyone know how many early entry tickets there are, i.e how early do I need to be there?


Hey, I hope you'll have the best day of your life seeing Coldplay live! :) would you have by any chance another Early access ticket selling or know who sells one? :)

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So who is going to one of the shows? Maybe we could have a meet up prior to the show while in the queue or even the day before/after the show. It'll be my first time in Gothenburg, so if anyone has some good inside advice on where to go, what to do etc. let me know (or show me in person).

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So who is going to one of the shows? Maybe we could have a meet up prior to the show while in the queue or even the day before/after the show. It'll be my first time in Gothenburg, so if anyone has some good inside advice on where to go, what to do etc. let me know (or show me in person).


I'm going to both Gothenburg shows! It's my first time visiting the city too, so I don't know any good places or such. I'm coming from Finland the same day, so I am not able to queue for very long on the 25th, but on 26th I'm probably going to start queuing early. It would be fun to meet you :)

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Coldplaying was more filled with active people some years ago. Where did everybody go?


I'm going to the concert tonight. I attended to the concerts page on Facebook, and saw that I had 2 old fellow Coldplayers also attending. Jamie from the UK and Filip from Sweden, known as filiprasmusson on Coldplaying.


But it seems like Filip passed away in march this year, extremly sad. His last posting the same day was a beautiful version of Strawberry Swing and some lyrics from it. It breaks my heart in pieces and it feels so sad that he wont be part of the show tonight.


I wish they could sing Strawberry sing tonight, not only because it's one of their best songs but to dedicate it to Filip who won't be able to come tonight...


Take care and enjoy tonight, I heard sun is coming this will be my 8th concert (if it dosent count that I was standing outside the arena dancing yesterday) and I don't have a standing ticket which feels strange but I'm sure it's going to be MAGIC anyway!

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I think that it is likely that the local Swedish newspaper Göteborg Posten will only have a concert review of the first Ullevi concert, so (with very little assistance from Google Translate) I have translated the following review from Swedish to English:


From the Swedish newspaper Göteborg Posten on 26 June 2017 23:10 - 25 jun, 2017



Coldplay triumphed in the rain

CONCERT REview Chris Martin: We must make our best performance ever!


Johan Lindqvist


Coldplay is often blamed for being boring, plain and anonymous. But you must give in to Coldplay when after 2 songs Chris Martin slows down the band and turns to the soaked fans to apologize for the weather saying that "as compensation we will do our fucking best, performance ever".


For a while it felt like there would be no Coldplay party at all at Ullevi. The rain and the winds forced the Danish band Mew to leave the stage, and the audience sought shelter from the skyfall. But Chris Martin and his bandmates had not loaded their 38 confetti cannons, eight fire extinguishers and more than 700 fireworks just to call it all off. Here it would be an arena pop party, albeit a little late.


At 24 minutes past nine, the party starts with “A head full of dreams” and a stage bathed in red light. Before the song is over, Coldplay has sent off both rockets and confetti. It's awesome to see how they immediately succeed in turning the heat on at a very cold Ullevi. It's as professional as respectful.


The fans are amazing

It's not just Chris Martin's merit. The fans are amazing not caring about the circumstances and immediately giving Coldplay lots of love. Ullevi's concert goers undoubtedly live up to their good reputation. They sing, clap, jump and wave with the bracelets handed out at the entrance and shining in green, yellow, red and purple. Paradise transforms from piano rock to Tiësto dance and there is steam coming from all ponchos. During Charlie Brown the entire crowd is bouncing, and all colors are mixed.


Coldplay has been described as "the next band to fill the big arenas" for many years, but like a football talent that never really blossoms, they can hardly be called young and promising anymore. And even though they are here, with two sold out Ullevi concerts, Coldplay is not considered to be one of the greatest bands in the world. Maybe they are a little too nice, a little too well-behaved or simply anonymous. Coldplay is the loyal team machine with a cool guy as frontman, he who delivers, but never becomes a Zlatan or a Ronaldo.


Among the best bands in the world


This Sunday, however, Coldplay challenges the image of its own blandness. Chris Martin points out that you are a band, a collective and that this is about togetherness/community and cooperation. They do not have U2's karisma and work height or Springsteen's power and depth, but they have a big heart, and if there is something an arena crowd loves, then it is a band appealing to the strong feelings. You feel it in particular when they appear on the little "c stage" at Ullevi’s center circle to make a stripped down, nice “In My Place”. And when “Fix You” is so painfully beautiful, when “Viva la Vida” makes everything burn, and when the show culminates with “Something Just Like This” and “A Sky Full of Stars” - yes, then Coldplay is among the very best bands in the world.



Johan Lindqvist / translated by Nancy Boysen

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FINALLY! After three gigs, and asking tens of security guards and crew members I got a paper setlist. Pic:




It was the same as yesterday, even the request song (Til Kingdom Come) which they didn't play again, they played a song called Känn Ingen Sorg För Mig Göteborg ("Do not feel sorry for me Gothenburg") by Håkan Hellström. They didn't unfortunately play Birds in neither of the Gothenburg gigs, GPASUYF was played again (probably because they wrote that song in Sweden after a gig which Chris told last year in Stockholm). Violet Hill again, such a blast. Charlie Brown was restarted after the intro because Chris wanted to see the crowd jumping again. And in The Scientist everyone was waving their hands, and Chris said that he has had such a shitty day, but as he saw those hands he forgot everything bad. It's great to see that fans, we, can also make them feel better, as they make millions' fans lives better.


Chris' band introduction was so nice, Guy was the most handsome guy inside and outside, Jonny the kindest person and Will a kindergarten child who is a great musician after being in the band for two weeks :D (not the exact same words, will probably be uploaded to youtube by someone hopefully)


It was perfect weather, sunshine and a little wind to keep you cool. Another unforgettable gig! :) More pictures and thoughts coming about both of the gigs in 2-3 days when I get back home :)

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Coldplay’s second concert was about dreams




cONcERT REview Yesterday’s last rain drops dry as Chris Martin and his Coldplay enter the stage exactly 21 minutes after the scheduled time. Day two has a very special guest among the visitors. The sun.






Ullevi, Monday


Best: Chris Martin’s interpretation of “Känn ingen sorg” (Feel no sorrow)

Worst: Summerburst vibes.


Audience: 66,249 and sold-out.


Rating: 4 light towers out of 5 possible


Sofia Andersson 22:26 - 26 jun, 2017



Dreams are part of the setting when Britain's biggest pop band reaches Gothenburg with its “A Head Full of Dreams tour”. It is maximized to a thousand, and I'm a little ... shocked. Paralyzed by the magnificence. The evening's concert experience might resemble a big candy bag. It's good at the moment, but it is not a great idea for that matter.


185,000 kilos of equipment. Close to 40 confetti cannons, eight fire extinguishers and 700 fireworks. Coldplay makes organizers behind the Eurovision circus appear modest. Chris Martin loves the catwalk from the first moment. He runs for life during explosions of rainbow confetti.


The title track from the latest album and “Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall” are made for the stadium. Even “Yellow” from Coldplay’s debut album “Parachutes” fits the big costume.


This evening, the boundary is stretched for what a modern stadium performance in the year 2017 looks like. We are provided with "Coldplay Bracelets". The bracelet will blink in line with the music, we are told. What a ridiculous trick, I think at first, but when the rhythm becomes colorful in for example “Charlie Brown”, it is extremely effective.


For me, simplicity has always been Coldplays hallmark (signum). The piano, the lyrics and Chris Martin's distinctive voice are the ingredients that represented the grandeur. But when Chris Martin sits at the piano in scaled and beautiful “The Scientist”, it is hard to find peace. The contrast is getting too strong/big. The song burns inside.


“God put a smile upon your face” is amazing, but is interrupted by an intermediate part / intermezzo where Chris Martin becomes a playmaker in a kind of "woop woop" frame. The stadium becomes an unserious playground, where we forget the music. It is a shame. My thoughts end up in the Tiesto remix of "Paradise", which I gladly had been without. Ullevi becomes a "summer burst". All breathes new production, and I feel empty.


Much has happened in ten years. Today, Coldplay makes super hits with Jay-Z, Rihanna, Kanye West. It is not bad as such, but some of the intimacy they managed to create on the albums “Parachutes”, “A Rush of Blood to the Head” and “X & Y” has been lost. Tonight, grandiose (large-scale) music moves into the largest room.


I think that they are unimpressive when it turns. The arrangements in “Clocks” are overwhelming. Chris Martin then launches “Fix You” lying down, and soon he is joined by 65,000 voices, before “Viva la Vida” is allowed to live freely in its right environment.


When Chris Martin later performs “Do not feel sorry for me, Gothenburg” (yes it's true) from the smallest stage of the three, something happens. The small-scale also gets a room at Ullevi.


Sofia Andersson (translated by Nancy Boysen assisted by Google Translate)

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Did they performe the exact set on both nights?

Yes, except the last c-stage song on Sunday 25th was a "Gothenburg song" that Chris came up on stage and on Monday 26th he played a cover (with bunch of his own lyrics I think, I'm not sure though as I have not heard the original song yet) of Håkan Hellström's "Känn Ingen Sorg För Mig Göteborg"

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Sorry that it has taken me long to post this, but here we go.

WARNING! Another really long post again, pics at the end. See my post/pics from the 25th Sunday Gothenburg gig here ( https://coldplaying.com/forum/index.php?threads/2017-6-25-ullevi-gothenburg-sweden.107885/page-3 )




2nd gig:

QUEUING AND WAITING: In the morning of the 2nd gig, I was feeling surprisingly energetic and well, I thought I would still be very tired, but no. I started to queue around noon, but as it was nice weather, there were a lot of people already. It was sunny so it was even a bit warm at times. It was fun to talk with some fans again. Everything was organized so much better than the first gig. The queuing was well managed, and after the security checks were made, the first section of people were let in first, not both of the sections at the same time (in the first gig they let in both sections at the same time, so some who had waited an hour got in at the time as the earliest queuers, and before many people who had waited many hours longer). This time I got to keep my love button too, as a security guard took that away from me the first gig (don’t know why, but he thought I had taken two, but I really had only one, so I ended up with no love button). After some careful and rightly timed running and hearing ”NO RUNNING!” in different languages, I got the second row at the catwalk/main stage on Guy’s side. The weather was really nice, but I was starting to get tired quicker because of the yesterday’s gig. But in front of me were these really friendly and kind people from Italy (VIP ticket holders). They made some space for us others to sit and it was nice talking with them. The supporting bands were the same, Lyves and Mew, but they were both great! And Mew canceled their set earlier at the first gig because of the heavy rain and wind.


THE GIG: Coldplay began a bit after 9pm again, and the set was the same except the last song on C-stage (on 25th Sunday it was an improvised Gothenburg song, on 26th Monday a snippet of Swedish artist Håkan Hellström’s song Känn Ingen Sorg För Mig Göteborg (”Don’t feel sorry for me Gothenburg”) with a bunch of Chris’ own lyrics). But the gigs were quite different after all. A lot goes to the weather, it was sunny and cloudy, with a bit of wind with no rain. Chris said that we have to do better than yesterday’s gig and crowd, and it really was even better this night. During The Scientist, the entire stadium was waving hands back and forth. It looked so beautiful. And when song was coming to end Chris said: ”well, I’m going to be honest with you, I’ve had a pretty shitty day, and when you did that thing with your hands, all my problems just went away. So thank you for turning my day around, I really appreciate it. Maybe we could sing that chorus one more time and do that hand thing….” It was so moving to hear that. Coldplay always is there for me when it is hard the life is against you, it was so touching to help making Chris’ day better. Such a fantastic crowd. Again, Violet Hill, GPASUYF (I was disappointed again not hearing Birds, but I have to admit, GPASUYF is a really good live song on main stage) and Paradise+remix were really good live songs and got the crowd going even more.


B-stage, especially Everglow was such an intimate moment in this huge stadium again, with tens of thousands of phone flashlights. Oh, and when the rest of the band walked back to main stage before that song, Will SMILED AND WAVED HIS HAND in my direction. One of the best feelings ever! The set kept going on, and Charlie Brown was the craziest ever, Chris wanted to restart it because the crowd was going so crazy. Hymn, Fix You, VLV and AOAL, many good songs after one another. Chris’ band introduction in C stage was so sweet again, Guy was the most handsome guy inside and outside, Jonny the kindest person and Will a kindergarten child who is a great musician after being in the band for two weeks (not the exact same words). And then last on C-stage he improvised some lyrics and sang chorus from a Swedish song, the crowd was singing very loud and reaction was quite amazing. SJLT again surprised me how good of a live song it was. And ASFOS was full of Chris hugging Jonny and Guy again!


The second gig was even better than the first. No idea when I get to see them again, but those gigs were so good I hope it will not be too long. It is amazing how happy they make you, even if Chris or any of the other member is feeling down. These two gigs were so awesome, I don’t think I’ve ever had as much fun and felt this much joy in a long time. If you made it this far, thanks for reading all this messy text!






























More photos in the following post->

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