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radiohead coming to CA!


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I doubt it.


The reason they're so expensive it's because it's a festival. The Pixies will also be playing ...


it's Coachella. There's going to be three stages and about 25 acts per day.


But I saw Radiohead four months ago. I'm not sure I'll shell out the bux.

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well i just read that in addition to the cure, the pixies, kraftwerk, and radiohead, they've also got wilco, the flaming lips, air, stereolab, death cab for cutie, bright eyes, pj harvey, and broken social scene, all of whom are somewhere between "pretty good" and "fucking awesome," so i'd say that yes, if you can go, do it. :P


(they've also got a bunch of boring rock/post-punk/pop/whatever bands like the yeah yeah yeahs, thursday, trail of dead, !!!, and sparta, if that's your bag)

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