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HELP! - Violet Hill MV Version 3?


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On Apple Music, the single for Violet Hill is paired with a music video that I have not seen ever in my life. Searching all over the internet, there were no discussions, full videos or awareness of this third music video. It is a simple video of the band performing it in the studio yet no matter how hard i look, no one seems to have acknowledged its existence. The preview clip is only 30 seconds long.


Wikipedia states that the video was released in 2019 though the Apple Music page says it was released in 2008.




Any help, any information and any full video of the music video will be appreciated.

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Dude great find!


It looks as if this is part of footage we've seen from the Viva sessions. There is one for Life In Technicolor as well as Yes and Chinese Sleep Chant. This makes me wonder if they recorded the entire album like this and were going to release it but decided not too. Hopefully we can find out more info!

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Oh I had no idea, that's awesome! I can't believe I missed it being posted here.

Do you happen to have the original video file?


Sure! But sadly enough, its just an MP4 file, no M4V iTunes goodness there. But still it's HD! Gonna see if I find it somewhere on my drive when I get home.

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