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Chris named in Esquire poll...


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...weird :dizzy2:


"CHEF Jamie Oliver, MP David Miliband and Alex Ferguson's son Jason are among a new list of Britain's 100 most powerful men under 40.


Along with scientists, businessmen and writers who have yet to go grey and wrinkly, they form an impressive line-up of the most influential young men in the country.


The list, compiled by magazine Esquire, includes Chelsea FC owner Roman Abramovich, who at 37 was yesterday named Britain's richest living person.


Ten men in 10 categories such as sport,the arts,business, politics and science were chosen for the original list from which an overall winner will be picked by readers.


It includes celebrities, such as Coldplay singer Chris Martin, actor Ewan McGregor, David Beckham, comic Peter Kay, and designer Oswald Boateng. It also includes Labour MP David Miliband, 38, and Tory David Cameron, 37, described by Esquire as 'leaders--in- waiting'.


TV 'scud stud' reporter Rageh Omaar, 36, is on the media list, along with Ant andDec.


And Jason Ferguson, 31, son of Manchester United boss Sir Alex, is on the sports list because of his increasing influence in big transfer deals.


Esquire said: 'Lists of the rich and powerful invariably make for a stolid, predictable read, comprising wizened entrepreneurs and ne'er-do-well politicians.


'Our inaugural survey has a more extensive remit, seeking out young men who are challenging the established order by dictating the political agenda, building new industries, and pioneering scientific change.'



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Yay :D


He wasn't being mean, it's just the way he talks. He hardly ever mentions people by name in the interviews I've listened to. It's always 'my brother', 'my girlfriend/wife', 'our drummer', 'my friend', 'our bodyguard'...etc.

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