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Cruel Intentions


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btw, yep...i was right...it IS based on the novel Danderous Liaisons (by a French author, written in French originally), and I have seen the movie of the same name too...which won the Oscars! lol and in fact, there is another adaptation of that same novel, i forget the movie name though...i kinda liked that movie too. :D


any case, here's the link:



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ahhh got it...this version is the one i like the most! :-) though it too didn't win any awards nor much critical acclaim...but i feel it's close to the original novel...



"Valmont" starring Colin Firth, in 1998

Colin Firth and Annette Bening, on the other hand, are lively, attractive, sexual, likeable rogues. They may indulge in power games, but it is apparent that they enjoy their encounters. I especially liked Firth in the title role as a Valmont whose company would be great fun at any occasion, and whose seductiveness owes at least as much to his innate charm as to his conniving. Old ladies and children like him as much as his lovers, while Malkovich carried a dour, superior presence which could spook children and animals. Both fine performances, but Firth's Valmont is a guy you'd have a drink with. If Malkovich bought you a drink, you'd switch glasses on him.





check it out someday :D

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oh i dunno 'bout that...i don't own the movie or its soundtrack, and i saw that movie long time ago...


and well...i am not THAT old to identify with Annette Bening etc. either...LMAO :P


but for me, the quality of acting counts, as does the setting. the movie sets for that movie are quite elaborate too.


anyways, i'm off to lunch, then a branch meeting. talk to u laters! :cool:

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