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The Smiths


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The Smiths are brill! I love all of their songs. Has anyone got the magazine that was free with NME a few issues ago all about The Smiths? - It was very good it even has the letters that Morrissey sent to NME in the 80's aswell as posters and all of that stuff. :D


C ya xxxx

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If you want I could type some of the letters he sent into NME here for you - as my scanner is broken, plus I have nothing to do, I'm not selling myself as a busy teenager am I!? *awk well*


Just tell me if you want me 2 and I will xxx

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Morrissey's romance with rock'n'roll and critically - NME began early in his life, as these letters unearthed from '70's and '80's issues of the magazine reveal.


The tone is once familiar: passinate, unbending and self consciously arch, even if it still comes as a suprise to see him call the Buzzcocks a "Kiss-ass rock band". how unutterably vulgar...


*Kimono have a go if you think you're hard enough*


Today I bought the album of

the year. I feel I can say this

without expecting several letters saying I'm talking

rubbish. The album is "Kimono My House" by

the sparks. Every track is

brilliant - although I must

name 'Equator', 'Complaints',

'Amateur Hour' and 'Here Is Heaven'

as the best tracks, and in that order.


***Steve Morrissey, 384 Kings Road, Stretford, Manchester***

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