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Are you lonesome tonight?


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Guest LiquidSky
Musiclover, do you hate me? why you hate me so?


You love music so much, yet you hate me so. Why, why the hatred so.


lmao! :lol: :lol: :lol:

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Sweet One you seem eternally lonely lately-


HARK- I have an idea!




Gi'us a kiss














I cant even remember smoking crack.




Don't you love that? I'm eternally lonely, yet...i have a boyfriend. Funny, huh?


Good idea Reilly!! :kiss: :D

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Relationships are weird.


My boyfriend hasn't called all day b/c he's worried about his car. But whatever..it's given me a chance to.....stare..at this...computer. :dozey:


whoa! getting trumped by a car that keeps breaking down! :o


:lol: :lol: i feel ya, Laura! :-)



i guess people must behave 'on the edge' always to get attention...otherwise nobody even looks at u!


but i never get 'on the edge' :dozey:

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