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Are you lonesome tonight?


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Musiclover, do you hate me? why you hate me so?


You love music so much, yet you hate me so. Why, why the hatred so.


you got that from a shrug? :stunned:



on another note,

can't i have an off-day sometime? do i always have to be nice? :/


and no,

i don't hate u...i don't even know u! :rolleyes:

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Testing...1, 2, 3, can anybody hear me? If I shed the irony, would everybody cheer me? If I acted less like me...


Some things just come back to slap you in the face.


Gosh, just about a month ago, I was saying that I was feeling extremely sex-hungry. I've been so busy for the past month that I don't think I've even thought about it. And people with great imaginations can have great sex even without anyone else around. But that's been months for me, I think. But I feel like the creativity in me has been drained lately. Well, not entirely, it's just come out in weird places. Like in German class, I wrote something pretty sick for our dialogues, stuff about having meat and vegetables in your pants. Blegh, sometimes I disgust myself.


I need more praise and support. High school is only criticism for your shortcomings. I got A's on all three of these two week's exams, and I feel like my parents take it for granted that I ace everything.


I wish I was lonely.

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NO! I am REALLY not turned on by girls who only care about going to an Ivy League school or whatever. But then again, I don't like girls who have no dreams, either. On my mom's side of the family, it's like, "Achieve! Of course you're the smartest person in the world! There is, most definitely, no world outside of Ivy League." And on my dad's side of the family, its's like "You're still in school! Yay!" I feel like I've been struggling to find a balance forever. Maybe that's why I'm always so different.

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You seem like a bit of a whiney bitch.


I spent the first half of my life in poverty and the current second half listening to my parents shout, leave eachother, return etc.


Try and find stability right thurr.

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