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I've gone mad.


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Guest LiquidSky
:D i dropped my brother when he was a baby...now hes a mean poo


talking about that...in my house of mexico is three floors right...and when I was little like about 5 yrs old...I was playing on the first floor and I was basically making lots of noise and my other brother, he was like 8 yrs old back then & he wanted me to stop making noise... & back then my mom had left to the store to buy some curtains & she left the big metal thing of the curtains on the second floor & my brother grabbed one of the big one and he said "Viri, stop making noise or I'm gonna throw this at you! :angry: " & I really wasn't paying attention to him, you know I was having fun & then he threw the big metal thing at me & it hit me right on my head & I remember going "ow!" & he said "if you keep making noise I'm gonna throw another one" & I stopped 'cause it did hurt and then my mom arrived & she was like "what happened to you?! :o " 'cause I had blood, I was bleeding... my brother almost killed me back then... :rolleyes: :lol:


And for my revenge...the plan was to have him open a bag of plastic coookies and then throw him a big rock at him, so that he could fall.. well I asked to open the bag and he ended up swallowing the piece of plastic! :lol: & so he was chocking and my parents had to take him to the hospital, 'cause it was stuck on his throat & he was choking & couldn't breathe... :rolleyes: :lol:


He still remembers that and me too :lol: :lol: :lol:

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Guest LiquidSky
dont get mad, get glad...

has anyone seen that commerical or is it just me?


Yes, I've seen that commercial...

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