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Old tour wristbands?


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I don't know about the ones from last year but if you mean AHFOD tour of before, probably not since that was a different company. I tried my wristband from Amsterdam 2016 in Brussels 2017 and it didn't work either even though it was exactly the same.

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The original Xylobands won't work on the current tours at all presumably, since they use Pixmob now, which is another company and thus most likely another infrared coding to control them.

I guess you can reuse the Pixmob wristbands in current tours, but check if the batteries are still charged enough though. You can open the backside pretty easily bij sticking some flat thing into the slots. They run on just two standard AAA batteries.

I have taken mine out for now, to prevent leaking. If the batteries are leaking, it can do damage to the contact pins, and then they won't work at all.

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