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a bit of news


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if you live in the uk or get radio 1 read this:






Chris Martin will be popping into the Radio 1 studio on Wednesday Febraury 19th at 8.15am to chat with Sara Cox and you, yes you could be joining them and get to interview Chris live on air.


Sara is running this competition next week. For more details on how to win, listen to her show on Radio 1 from 8.20am on Monday 10th Feb and prove that you are the ultimate Coldplay Fan.


i don`t get radio 1. damn. someone record the interview!!!!!!!!

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that`s awesome fifi. u gotta record the interview' date=' write down what chris says aaaand send it to me :D that would be nice but u don`t have to do it. just remember as much as you can. plleeeeasseeeee[/color']

ok il tell ya exactly what he says hun :D

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Bless ya.


i was eating cereal when i heard about the competion it and i nearly choked! :shock: ah well it's a small sacrifice to pay!


Thinking of going in for it. i know all the answers so far although i know i'll never get it! :shrug:

Don't be so negative, as i always say, you can never win anything if you don't enter the competition!

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