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signifigance of easter bunnies and chocolate?


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Stolen from a website somewhere:


The Easter bunny has its origin in pre-Christian fertility lore. The Hare and the Rabbit were the most fertile animals known and they served as symbols of the new life during the Spring season.

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chocolate....so us mortals can have fun with the festival! lol


on a serious note...it's said also that christmas is celebrated in late december not because that's when jesus was born, but because "pagan" europeans celebrated winter solistice festival around that time. so christianity being like "Borg" from Star Trek, it just made the festival all its own.... lol


Christianity's appropriating stuff from Hinduism too now...

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Easter is a Christian festival celebrating the time Jesus laid a chocolate egg and helped a chocolate rabbit with a broken leg. Some scholars believe that this was based on an acid trip, but they say that about everything.


HAhAHAHAHHA...that's funny Charline.

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its funny cos most people kids most dont know the real meaning of easter.....it was actualy kind of funny.....


this happened at church today in a sunday school.


teacher:do u know what easter really is

kid:its when jesus died for our sins

teacher: thats good friday, whats easter?

kid: umm...easter is when the easter bunny comes!

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:lol: You didn't! You didn't!!!!! :P


Chocolate it's an invention that was taken to Europe by the Spaniols, who brought them from the Aztecas, in Mexico, Latin America, or North America (NOT the U.S.A tho, MEXICO )


I thought the Easter bunnies and the chocolaye stuff came from RUSSIA. The aristocrats used to give eachother, on Easter, eggs, precious eggs, made of gold and diamons and so.. and since the poor people did not have enough money to make eggs similar to those, they made hard eggs and paited them, and give it to everyone. ANd when the chocolate arrived to Europe (almost 1500), they becae Chocolate eggs! :D


That's what my year on Russian mythology taught me! :D :lol:

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The Azteks? I thought it came from another tribe... just dont know which one..


The Azteks or The Mayas......... I can't remember exactly, thought the Maya were a previous civilization, and I think they were the ones who invented the Chocolate.... but I am sure the Azteks had it too, in their empire! :D

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