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i prefer the live versions of it...i think the recording doesn't have the same type of energy. if it had of been a similar sounding recording to Shiver, then I think i'd listen to the Studio version alot more, I'd love Idiot to be recorded in the Studio

i have a video of them playing it live...really good quality too.

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i'm sorry i wasn't meaning to sound rude. it's just isn't it hadn't have?

ahh, no, I'M sorry, i didn't mean it it to nasty...although, i do think i'm right, i just can't write it in a way that makes me sound not nasty towards you. (although i did sadly like my own joke, of making a joke at your spelling :D ) (but i AM sad :dozey: )

i'll put this face, and see it it helps :goofy:

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