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Hello to everyone!


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Hi Laura


that's cool! u know what they say about great minds.....

have u seen either of them live? Micheal Stipe is such an entertainer do n't u think?....i love the way he dances!


i have also seen coldplay live-at Earl's court...was absolutely amazing and the atmosphere was just so electric!

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Guest LiquidSky


I am joti!


Cold Play are the best and I am pleased to have found so many like-minded people!


I am also a big fan of REM and Radiohead!


Hello Joti (nice name ;) ) Welcome to the board :D

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hi thom!

REM-have so many great albums that its so hard to choose....but if i had to choose then probabely UP or New adventures!

radio head....i'd go with Ok computer!

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