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The Calling


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To celebrate both the release of The Calling's album 'Two' plus the single 'Our Lives' (17th May) we will be allowing three lucky UK fans the chance to win "Two" pairs of tickets to a UK Calling show AND a private meet and greet with Alex and Aaron afterwards !


link here



this is the second cd from the calling and from what i have heard its a great new album and the single " our lives " is really good .

for those who have not heard this band then check out the web link above



HTTT :sneaky:

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Someone who likes Radiohead... Likes the Calling too??!?!




yes - besides radiohead im into many other bands including the calling

but i must admit im more into the indie rock scene .




HTTT :sneaky:

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It's just my opinion here

but the Calling are horrible.


each to there own i guess , im just into so many bands and i have liked the calling since i first heard them . but Radiohead will allways be my heros of the rock scene !!!



HTTT :sneaky:

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