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Cells Phones are the devil


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I got a cell phone last year and I've been having problems with it ever since.


I went and talked to the salespeople that I bought it from originally this past weekend and they just brush me off like they do to anyone. If you buy their products everything is hunky dory, but then if you come back with problems, they do not treat you like human beings at all. One of their sales reps put me on the wrong monthly plan from the start, not the one that I signed a contract for, and since then my bills have been crazy high. So I'm trying to downgrade my plan now, get credit back, whatever, trying to resolve this and they are being assholes about it.


It costs $200 to get out of our contract, which I am thinking of doing instead of dealing with all this shit. I cant afford this phone at this point, my monthly bills are about $200 each. But when I spoke with a salesperson months ago, they just assured me that my plan was fine and it wont go into affect for a while anyway. Now this weekend I went and found out that she screwed up our plan from the start. The manager was there too, and he just kept saying that we should have dealt with this earlier. This was after we spoke to another salesperson, for about a month she 'tried' to get all this sorted out, with no resolution, so now we are dealing with the manager. I just called the store to leave a message because he was suppose to call me back today and didnt and he said something like how he didnt appreciate that I was calling once they were already closed. What the fuck!!! you were suppose to call me back jackass!!



Anyway, I really dont know what to do about this. I really doubt they will figure anything out for me here. And I dont want to keep paying huge bills, this current bill is going to go up to May 26, so I would like to get it solved before then. Any thoughts??

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If you've got a paper copy of a contract which doesn't match the contract you're getting then surely you haven't agreed to the contract they're charging you for and they won't have a signature to prove that you have. Sounds to me like the law would be on your side. You not got a Citizens Advice bureau or similar who could advise you?

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I agree that nobody really NEEDS a cell phone.


And that 90% of people who have cell phones have no idea how to use them respectfully (ie., turn the damn things off when you're in a library or class or movie, don't talk in a room where people are watching tv, don't interrupt a conversation you're having to answer it unless you know it's really important, and on and on and on)


And that every cellular service provider in the world will treat you like crap as soon as you sign a contract.


But right now I don't even have a land line in my house, so I find my cell phone quite useful. :P

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If you buy their products everything is hunky dory, but then if you come back with problems, they do not treat you like human beings at all.




I'd be so lost without my phone but somedays it's a major bitch


I'm the same..i love having one, but at the same time, it can be a pain :stunned:

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