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Woo! I rock! =P


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I just got home from my drum lesson a little while ago, and I've gotta say, it was pretty interesting. Not only did I blow my teacher out of the water, but I seriously amazed myself.


I brought The Vines CD Winning Days with me, because I'd been looking at this one song, called Ride. I told him which track it was, and he put it on, and I started playing along to it. Except for a part in the bridge where I kept messing up the bass drum pattern, I pretty well nailed the song. Which especially surprised me because...


Well, I'd never played that song before. I'd been drilling it into my head all afternoon, but I hadn't gotten a chance to practice it, where my brother's band Magnum 44 were practicing in the basement.


I'm very proud of myself! :D

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LOL thankshya :)


Go team bec!! :P :D If u need a guitar player' date=' just call me :cool:[/quote']


I need a BAND. Guitar and bass is what I'm looking for. If ya weren't so far away, I could give you a call.. :P :)

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shiver911 Go on druming i tried it days before and now i want drums at home and play them but now i can´t.

This year i have guitar lessons at school and if i pass this level i wish a guitar as a present, so if you want another guitar just call too.

Or if you want write lirycs just call i also write. :D

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