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yeah it was excellent!!!!


alll those green lights :o

my mum was trying to read the newspaper and i was like...

"look! LOOK!! :shock: " when she looked it was doing something to the effect of :multi:

and she looked like this :shock: and went back to her paper hahaha



yeah...the link after... get out of it davina!! :P

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my mum loves coldplay dunno if she is watching it over there though dont even know if they get it in holland :shock:

areu from holland?


my mum is a big fan of the scientist - the video fascinates her :D


lol thats the 2nd time uve asked now hehe yeah im from holland originally :D proud dutchie :D

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I thought they were amazing last night too - and good on them for getting the two best awards :D


robbie williams?!? pfffffft!


Anyhow, Clocks rocked and they seemed the most confident of all the performers, I just thank God that they wern't asked to do some shitty cover or something like some of those poor artists were obviously pressurised into doing :sad:

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well Sugababes did their own stuff but I think were so terrified by those flames that practically cremated them at the start they forgot how to sing to start with :shock:


then Ms Dynamite had a duet with a video which was a bit odd :shock: then Tom Jones did a dodgy cover as his opening song :shock:


obtw Avril and her 20 drummers f*cking rocked, I can't see how she didn't get an award :shrug:


but our boys were the best thing by a mile :D

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