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Suede split up?


I've read it in some places, and there's a message on their website:



Important announcement from the band

Suede would like to announce that from next year they will be working on their own individual projects.there will not be a new studio album until the band feel that the moment is artistically right to make one.this announcement does not affect the forthcoming touring commitments. suede would like to thank the fans for their wonderful support over the years.

see you in the next life.



:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

That's really sad. I think they're a very good band and their gigs are amazing!! Brett is a real showman!!

My first 'important' gig was from them, 7 years ago. I had beautiful memories of that time in my life...

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Now they've released a greatest hits called 'Singles'. You can listen it...

And I also recommend you their third album 'Coming up', it's great!! :smug:

Some people say that the first two albums are the best but they're a bit dark for me, although very good!!

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