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The oh-so incredible Joyce!


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:blush: ..eres un kuero!.... ;)


I went to Victoria!....is amaizing!...beautiful ville! :smug:


and Vancouver! :D ....I wanna live there forever!...well first I want to live a while in NY!...and after that VNC!

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tu eres hermoso y atractivo y caliente !...get it?


for a girl is:


tu eres hermosa, atractiva y caliente...


but "caliente" more than a compliment is like a horny way or something to say that!



so I recomend to you to say..."bonita"...instead of caliente!... :D :P

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tu eres bonita.



gracias!...yeah...sometimes french and even english can be similar to SP...



me...sometimes I don´t remember how to say something in spanish...but I do know it in french or english....is kinda complicated!



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