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Games you've beaten (recently)


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Silent Hill 3- ps2 (with a little help from a friend)

Eternal Darkness game cube

True Crime - gamecube

Super Mario Sunshine - gamecube

The Sims - ps2 :rolleyes:


currently STUCK on Fatal Frame 2...any help is NEEDED, and appreciated :lol:


and anticipating Silent Hill 4 for ps2 ...and the sims 2 for pc


and i think that's about it...



*pushes up glasses*

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not completed any games recently, probably because I hardly really play them anymore.


I've completed a good number of them in my time though. Final Fantasy VII, Quake 2, Metal Gear Solid, and a bunch of old Megadrive games are the ones that spring to mind right now.

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Super Mario World is THE best... i love it...you gotta find all 96 levels... in order for ME to class it as completed


haha oh yes! man, it took me weeks to find em all when i was 10.

But you know, Super Mario Bros 3 is waaaaaaaay better than Mario World. It probably is the best game i've ever played.

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