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  1. Is Voodoo an AHFOD leftover? I have this hazy memory of an interview in which Chris or someone else said that they had this song called Voodoo but they decided to scrap it because it just didn't fit in...
  2. Yay! Got to admit though knowing Swedish makes it a lot easier to understand German :) Näen sinut pian Teleskoopin linssissä Ja kun haluat ainoastaan ystäviä Näen sinut pian
  3. A L I E N S If you want to That's alright If you want to Hold me Hold me tight
  4. Like Moses had power over sea So you've got power over me Warning Sign
  5. I'm confused. I was about to go to sleep and suddenly my xyloband just went on and now it's flashing on random frequency. The xyloband is from Copenhagen and I was just wondering if this has happened to any of you guys? :D
  6. Here I am! It's my very first Coldplay concert and managed to get a very good spot right in front of the 2nd stage. Couldn't be happier right now :)
  7. On third listen my rankings are following: 1. Birds 9.5/10 2. Fun 9/10 3. AHFOD 9/10 4. Up&Up 8.5/10 (live version 9.5) 5. Amazing Day 8/10 6. HFTW 7/10 7. Everglow 7/10 8. AOAL 6.5/10 9. Army Of One 6/10 10. X Marks The Spot 4.5/10
  8. I had mixed feelings of this song after live appearances but the studio version is spot on! Also the mixing is done very well compared to other songs :)
  9. At the moment this is my favourite track from AHFOD. Beautiful melody and good enough lyrics 9/10.
  10. Also got tickets! It will be my first ever Coldplay gig :lol: See you guys there :cool:
  11. Very interesting track! Based on the snippet I was expecting something completely different from what AOAL is but it has grown for sure. The guitar riff is awesome and so is the bass line. On the other hand IMO the song would deserve better chorus and the lyrics are quite simple. In overall I'm satisfied and it is great to see band discovering new genres. 8/10
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