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  1. He might choose to start campaigning on legalizing the drug that would be cool. It's all just SO cool :yum
  2. Yeah yeah, whatever. We all cool here :cool:
  3. I prefer to imagine him on weed than beer tbh
  4. Liam and Chris. Strange combo. Can't say I enjoyed that but loved Fix You and Something Just Like This. And the rainbow. Especially the rainbow.
  5. Such a rush. So radio head. Sent from my GT-I8200N using Coldplaying mobile app
  6. Wimbledon final made me happy [emoji122] [emoji2] [emoji462] [emoji462]
  7. Nope! [emoji6] Have you ever had an age gap of 15+ years in a relationship?
  8. Why have they piled their plate so high during a hectic world tour? I don't understand. There are two week breaks coming up when surely it would be better to do some other work when they have caught up with sleep? Surely it's in everyone's interests for Chris to have a good night's sleep and not be pressurised into leaping around after a mad concert?! [emoji134] I despair
  9. I reckon that would be a small [emoji5]
  10. Stay close friends with your ex [emoji6]
  11. I'm normally UK size 14/16 in tee shirts and fitted the large women's tee. The company were very efficient when I sent the XL back. You don't get an exchange but have to return it and buy a new size. Hope this helps someone somewhere [emoji1]
  12. I want to knit for him now. Baby boy [emoji5]
  13. Yes I agree. I think he should just wear underpants as he gets so hot. [emoji7] [emoji87]
  14. I'm relatively new here and was wondering if there was any particular reason why Chris always has a blue tee shirt on with grey trousers? [emoji1] [emoji1] [emoji1] [emoji1]
  15. I would love to do this but I have joint problems so could not handwrite long letters. Perhaps I could write a little bit at the end [emoji85]
  16. She made it sound SO dramatic! And that's all that happened?! [emoji87] [emoji85]
  17. I didn't catch what it was and I haven't watched the concert again but Jo Whiley was saying they had to borrow something from the BBC tent for the set. Maybe this had something to do with it? It was in the bit just after the concert where Jo and Mark (?) were chatting.
  18. He needs a rocking chair [emoji6]
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