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  1. Think you've pretty much nailed it there. "I like all the songs, but I don't really love them" Definitely feels like an album that needed to be made. I've got no qualms with the production, and have to say that I find the ethereal synth haze of this album perfectly suits it. We can't kid ourselves that this would have been Parachutes MKII without it, as the songs just aren't strong enough. they're pretty much all 7 or 8/10 with a few higher ones chucked in. Its a weird one as its a great flowing body of work, more like Viva than MX but it is just missing a few of the 'classic' Coldplay hits. Sorta feels more like an extended EP than an album :\
  2. You could hear even on the Ghost stories film that his speaking voice sounded different. And yeah this album he seems weaker, can really notice it on ASFOS. Also none of the links are working for me, so a tad jealous of you lot at the moment
  3. This 'review' makes me wanna punch NME right in the face.:veryangry2:
  4. i didn't even know anyone used that site still. last time i was on it there was no one! was a few years ago though. though i suppose there's renewed interest cause of noels album. remix sounds good btw. thats coming from a fan who states Noel Gallagher as his religion. lol. :)
  5. Has anyone seen the most recent advert for Claims Direct? does anyone else think the music is slightly too close to LIT for comfort? i'd post a clip of it, but i cant find one anywhere.
  6. i sort of agree with chris cos i think its one of the best songs they've ever done. the rockier sound is certainly something nice to throw into their mix of sounds
  7. The Coldplay Madness Is Back! Go to this thread : http://coldplaying.com/forum/showthread.php?t=51029 and vote for coldplayings FAVORITE coldplay song :) Thanks!

  8. well im 17 now. i turned 17 on the 6th :D yey!!!!! now im old enough to drive :D n in 1 year i can drink aswell :cool:
  9. hopfully the Uk shop has gone cos there improving it so it will be like the US one....... only better!!! :D:D some of those shirts are awsome btw, shame im a boy lol as i really like the YES one and i think the VIVA LA VIDA one looks better in that red/maroon colour. it does look perfect in the picture thou. ill probs end up buying a few anyways, love the VIVA one aswell. nuffin beta than the logo
  10. the US is in a sorry state if fall out boy, weezer, nickelback n that are the biggest bands atm. although yes most of it is rap and R&B..........oh dear so still in a sorry state then
  11. yer it is a tune. and i totally agree with you on the yellow issue. its amazing played like that, so intimet. and viva la vida IS EPIC what is wrong with the world today? 'sigh'
  12. strawberry swing "ohh it's nothing"
  13. fix you 53 speed of sound 37 talk 14 - swallowed in the sea 15 +
  14. if its gunna take a few years (which it will) we better get posting then!!!! :D Dont Panic 10 Shiver 10 Spies 10 Sparks 10 Yellow 11 Trouble 10 Parachutes 8 High Speed 10 We Never Change 10 Everythings No Lost 10 Politik 10 In My Place 10 God Put A Smile On Your Face 10 The Scientist 11 + :angel: :heart: Clocks 10 Daylight 8 - :censored: Green Eyes 9 Warning Sign 10 A Whisper 10 A Rush Of Blood To The Head 11 Amsterdam 10 Square One 10 What If 10 White Shadows 12 Fix You 10 Talk 10 X&Y 10 Speed Of Sound 10 A Message 10 Low 9 The Hardest Part 10 Swallowed In The Sea 12 Twisted Logic 10 Til Kingdom Come 10 Life In Techincolor 10 Cemetaries Of London 10 Lost! 10 42 10 Lovers In Japan 10 Reign Of Love 9 Yes 10 Chinese Sleep Chant 10 Viva La Vida 10 Violet Hill 10 Strawberry Swing 10 Death And All Of His Friends 10 The Escapist 10 __________________
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