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  1. Anyone know when the Sunset part of the live stream will be on YouTube?
  2. I get that this will likely never be available on Spotify US like All Your Friends and Ghost Story, but is there a reason I don’t even see it uploaded on YouTube? It’s such a shame I can’t listen to it at the moment without resorting to all these different tricks online.
  3. That’s a shame, guess we’ll have to just be patient
  4. Does anyone know when Flags is out officially on Spotify? I see the entire album is available except for Flags
  5. Thanks so much, I appreciate it! And the band has reached out and confirmed this haha. So I guess you’ll be seeing my question answered in just a few days!
  6. My comment was as follows: “Hello Coldplay, I hope you guys are doing well. You’re my favorite band in the world and your music has always been so inspirational to me. My question is, why did you guys decide to record Everyday Life as a double album, and what are the differences between Sunrise and Sunset musically and lyrically, if any?” Coldplay asked me to email them using the email from my YouTube account to email them, which I assume is the email account associated with my YouTube account, so I did. I’m waiting to hear back now. I hope I followed their directions correctly.
  7. Hello everyone, I haven’t posted here in years, but I’ve been lurking. I just wanted to share that I was one of the commenters On Coldplay’s YouTube account for the Q&A during the Jordan performance, and this morning I woke up to Coldplay responding to me and telling me that they wanted to ask ME something, indicating to me that I will be able to ask the band a question!! I can’t contain my excitement and thought this was a great venue to share this information!
  8. North Woodmere, New York (Long Island) - Amsterdam
  9. I'm feeling very conflicted. It's very expensive, but I'm a diehard fan. I have the money to bid for one item, but I don't know what the price will be like towards the end of the auction. I don't play guitar, so for the time being, I'm focused on the outfits; particularly Chris's. It would have been so much better had the auction been in dollars rather than euros. I guess I'll see towards the end whether or not to enter the bidding. Are these the outfits they wore the entire tour or did they have several backups as well?
  10. I don't normally post, but I really have to do so here....Ian, what a fantastic story! I am just like you! I would definitely be waiting outside for hours just at a chance to run into Chris or the guys....and I have friends just like Jamie who would want to leave after sitting for 10 minutes lol! Anyway, what happened to you is like my biggest dream. You not only had a simple hello and goodbye, you actually had a real conversation with Chris! What a great guy he is, and he's not a snob like so many other celebrities! I am also incredibly happy to hear that there will be no collaborations on the next album, because Rihanna made me cringe and I don't want to live through that again! But seriously though, what a fantastic and wonderful story! I live all the way out in New York, about a half an hour from Manhattan, where Chris and Gwyneth have a home, if I am not mistaken. But to go and see the exhibition, and then visit the Bakery/Beehive and actually have a conversation AND take a picture with Chris...that is too great for any words. Only thing that would have been better is seeing the rest of the band as well, but hey...this is AMAZING. I am very happy for you and I hope to one day say I was able to do the same! Thanks for brightening up my day with this lovely story and photograph!
  11. Thanks a lot for the info! Yeah, it would be so awesome! I hope ticketmaster puts up the concert soon! Also, for some reason when I clicked on the Izod Center page, when I clicked on the close sections, the prices were $500 and up, which is really confusing. I thought that only happened after the tix were bought and resold for a large profit, which can't be because they haven't gone on sale yet.
  12. I would like to get tickets for Floor 8 preferably one of the first rows...when ticketmaster eventually puts up the tickets, how much do you think a ticket in that area will cost?
  13. Whenever a Coldplay song goes on the radio you stop talking and paying attention...basically zoning out to the song until the very moment it ends....regardless of whether its in a large crowded place or a small intimate setting
  14. Rihanna is the opposite of King Midas....everything she touches turns into utter garbage. What can you expect from a talentless Beyonce copycat.
  15. there's one giant CON: Rihanna is in the song....I CANNOT stand her horrible whiny little voice. I think she is a joke of an artist and is a copycat of Beyonce....and I think she is untalented....thats that.
  16. I'm sure in a short matter of time, someone will create a version that has Chris singing over Rihanna's parts....or at least that's what I hope....even though surprisingly I kinda liked it.
  17. I live right near NYC and by god I'm entering in this contest even though I don't have Sirius or XM....how do they know if we are actually subscribers or not? Worst comes to worst, I will come up with a great question and let a friend who actually is a subscriber use it, and if he wins with my question, I will be the extra guest, as each winner is allowed one guest. But still....how do they know who is an actual subscriber? Damn, this is so maddening.
  18. Ok thanks a lot! Glad I know this now rather than finding out the day of. But youre right it still sounds really really fun. Sounds like an unforgettable experience either way. It will still probably be a lot of fun just talking to a bunch of other Coldplay fanatics and seeing a free show even if it is rather short. It looks as if my quest to meet the band will have to continue on a bit longer.
  19. Im most likely going to this event, since I live on Long Island about 30 minutes from Penn Station. I will be there possibly as early as midnight just in case. Is it possible to get really close to the band? Do they come out to greet the fans in the front? If there are VIP tickets, how do we get a hold of them and what privileges do we get? I was really hoping to get a picture with the band and have a few words. It probably seems a bit much doesn't it? I have wanted to meet them for so long.
  20. I really want to save listening to this song and the rest of the ones that haven't been heard until the album comes out because I want the element of surprise when I listen to the 6 or 7 that I didn't hear yet. Does anyone think it's worth it or to just go in and listen to every new one that is put up on youtube from these festivals?
  21. Chris's relationship with Jay Z has clearly ruined him. All thanks to the biggest perpetrator of Coldplay destruction: Gwyneth Paltrow. It all goes back to her. Yoko herself. From her, he met Jay Z and Beyonce, which led to him to work with Kanye West, and now he went and did the unthinkable and put that wretched Rihanna on the new album. I am devastated. I usually just read comments, but this is my third comment on this thread alone. If a duet was really necessary, why not someone with REAL talent, like a Lilly Allen or Adele even. Why this fake fraud Rihanna who pretends to be a rockstar all of a sudden? Anyone else completely depressed and deflated by this dreadful news?
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