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  1. Jonny has a lot of other niche guitars that are fun but also somewhat unique to him within the context of the band, eg the orange Les Paul on Violet Hill, the Jaguar (or is it a Jazzmaster?) on the VLV tour GPASUYF/Talk mashup . There's also the Blue and Brown solidbody telecasters from the Parachutes era! Which speaking of effects are cool with the phaser effect on Don't Panic. YES and I feel like every tour it just gets dirtier sounding. xD
  2. A Liam collaboration would be most interesting, though I feel that his voice has really gone south over the years whereas Noel's voice has only gotten better. Nonetheless, I feel like there hasn't really been a prominent male singer collaborator on any Coldplay song off the top of my head except for Arabesque with Stromae, though there was Jay-Z for Lost!+. Looking at the list of collaborators for this album that may change! Speaking of Oasis and the Gallaghers, I've always wondered if/whether this rumour from the MX era ever came to be about Noel Gallagher giving Chris a guitar pedal that would then end up in a song: "Noel stamps on a pedal and starts off a loop of glorious noise. Immediately Chris is on his feet and shouting, 'What the hell is that?' "Chris has his iPhone out to record it, excitedly proclaiming it the most amazing thing he's ever heard. Noel is laughing as the pedal loops away through the stack." He continued: "Fast forward to the dressing room on the show day and Chris is handing me the pedal responsible for all the fuss. "It turns out that Noel has come in today and motioned Chris over to his dressing room next door with the words, 'I've got a little present for yer…' "Chris is holding it with great reverence and excitement. 'Can you record what's in here immediately? And then give it Rik [simpson] (sound engineer)? We're going to take it back to the studio and run it through Jonny's (Buckland, guitarist) rig and mic it up'." The roadie added: "Where it'll end up, I've no idea, but if it finds its way into a song, Noel could easily be playing on the next record without ever having set foot in the studio."" https://www.digitalspy.com/music/a367647/noel-gallagher-could-feature-on-next-coldplay-album/
  3. I'd love a Jonny signature guitar (once I have a ton of money....). A 72' sunburst Telecaster thinline would be sweet. It'd be cool to have Jonny effect pedals. And I know you can do this with existing gear but still...such as: -His particular reverb setting on Lovers in Japan -The pitched-up delay on Amazing Day -Backwards delay on Strawberry Swing -The atmospheric reverb/delay on the MX tour versions of GPASUYF and Yellow -The repetitive sampler/delay on Low, and on the 2003 tour version of Spies -The crazy sounding delay in live versions of Clocks Also, I'd love to have a Jonny MX tour Stratocaster (can you tell I like MX lol), since there's a lot that he does with the whammy bar that's pretty cool, esp on GPASUYF and Paradise live versions.
  4. Interesting theories! Also is there some kind of unifying spoiler policy on discussion of EL the track? I am one of those people trying to not listen to it or know too much about it before the album comes out since it's the CLOSING track. Without having heard the title track, the album's name, theme, and sunrise/sunset motifs make me think a lot of the music video for Oasis's the Masterplan - I was reminded me of this with the comment about Everyday Life potentially representing just one day:
  5. In all these years I still haven't seen Coldplay live, but here are my estimates of what are good songs live: -Everything's Not Lost for cathartic and repetitive singing -Up & Up for its guitar solo -VLV for obvious reasons -Clocks, Charlie Brown for its energy -UATW
  6. Maybe it'll sound like... Unfortunate hypothesis - Life is Beautiful may be dead, because the lyrics look like they may have been recycled into Arabesque: "There's a new song coming on the radio Frutas florecen en todo el mundo Let the flowers all blossom The hummingbirds hum We're all born equal under the same sun Someone could be you and you could be someone So do to each other as you would be done"
  7. The live performance is super cool on SNL! Without spoiling too much, I'll say the guitar is great if not even better live and Chris's voice sounds good!! And the bass is excellent! One odd detail other posters have picked up on is that Will is using a smaller drumkit with fewer drums, as was noticed in some of the artwork. Not sure what the story on that might be! It's been said these are emails between the band and Mat about what should go in the video! If you look closely there's some commentary about the panning, shots, etc. And the lyrics of course. Hadn't thought about that but that makes a lot of sense! It does sound quite a bit like air sirens/alarms.
  8. In case anyone was wondering where the two peeps from the Press Conference hail from!
  9. ^Whelp, would've loved to have a double album^ Red Hot Chili Peppers' Stadium Aracdium, Pink Floyd's The Wall are a couple excellent ones. I agree that 45 min albums are the most concise and tightly done, but it would've been nice to get a gratuitous 90-120 minutes of Coldplay content all at once. Not to mention you can listen to VLV+PM, GS+AHFOD+Kaleidoscope and get really nice 1-hour-plus experiences. The vibe I get from Orphans and a little bit from Arabesque is early Arcade Fire - groovy and dancy (in the way that Birds is) but with a relatively acoustic drive, some jazz and world music / non-English-language influences and some political commentary. This is immediately what I thought of:
  10. For the record I don't think 1:46 is a glitch. It's just an abrupt transition because Jonny's guitar comes in a beat or two before the next bar while everything else stops suddenly. I just perceived it as a cool beat drop.
  11. Love the song! The lyrics are really interesting, and every single word of it, down to the apricot trees, bleeds of Middle East references in a clever way. I wonder how they'll go about performing the chorus bits without the kids always there. I hope it doesn't end up on a backing track. :( Guy and Jonny shine in a huge way! :) You can tell a song is good and has the right simplicity when you can hear the bass even on crappy laptop speakers. Also Jonny's quick little riffs and backwards guitar are so beautiful. Will's backing vocals in the second verse, unlike in many songs (see UATW) are mixed to just the right volume.
  12. Brilliant video! The middle section is so pretty and LIJ like. The birds are breathtaking. The room upside down effect really captures the upbeat mood! The beach scenes are cool and I wonder if an alternate music video will be released with just that part. We got some really cool studio easter eggs in the first minute, with Will's backing vocals being really clear, Jonny playing a mandolin (?), in addition to Chris on the acoustic of course. BY THE WAY THIS MAY BE THE ONE COLDPLAY MUSIC VIDEO WHERE GUY AND JONNY SMILE!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Okay y'all were right. On Coldplay.com it says "Good evening. We are very excited to report that Coldplay’s eighth album, Everyday Life, will be released on Friday, November 22 on CD, vinyl, cassette and digital formats. The 53-minute double album is divided into two halves, Sunrise and Sunset. The album’s cover image is based around a 1919 photo of Jonny’s great-grandfather’s band."
  14. Where is this 53 minute number coming from? I can't imagine this being a double album if it's a literal minute shorter than AROBTTH (and quite a bit shorter than X&Y) or 8 minutes faster than the average Coldplay LP. I'll eat my hat if it's really that short.
  15. Which reminds me...we thought AHFOD was going to be a very simple cover that was just a rainbow flower of life on a black background. But that turns out it was the cover without the extra layer of the cover with all the colourful kaleidoscopic collage (which is pretty cool in retrospect, as visually busy as that was). So maybe they'll pull a similar trick with this album cover - maybe this is an insert and the sun and moon are the cover, I hope. Or something we're totally not thinking of!
  16. Hey they managed to mash up Clocks, Fix You, and Up&Up. :lol:
  17. I was hoping for a more simplistic album artwork focused around the sun and the moon in the vein of X&Y or GS...seems like the even-numbered albums have simpler art. :p Also the AHFOD font I've always thought is rather stupid looking. The Ghost Stories font fit really well with its art, and so did VLV. But I remain optimistic!! I wonder what the biggest musical surprise may turn out to be? -VLV title track was pretty surprising with its use of strings -MX had Rihanna -GS had Midnight -AHFOD had Beyonce, Noel Gallagher, Stargate....and XMTS -Kaleidoscope had just all around great songs Some potential surprises?! (and I know I'm not thinking big enough but...) -Jonny goes jazz -Jonny goes banjo -Jonny goes extremely long guitar solo -Will goes accordion (well Life is for Living DID have accordion to be fair) -Something that's super percussive (like Lost or Hymn for the Weekend but more acoustic) -Will singing lead
  18. Besides the usual suspects: -I predict and hope Up&Up will stay in the setlist. -Maybe Violet Hill will return. Part of the fun is thinking about what song they might drop - for example most of AHFOD they did NOT play In My Place and when they did, it was an acoustic request song. For this tour, I predict they might drop ETIAW since ASFOS has a similar energy + Paradise I'd argue is a little more famous, and Everglow, because it's so personal. And of course part of the fun is guessing what back catalogue song will come back. -I'd like to see the Goldrush get played...it's too thematically relevant not to! -Green Eyes, in a full-band context with slide guitar and stuff, for its acoustic style -Life is for Living (Everyday Life!)
  19. I for one quite like the rumoured title of Everyday Life. The sunrise and sunset are part of every day, yet are so beautiful. In the same way that much of Coldplay is about finding happiness in darkness, I feel like this album could be finding beauty in the boring and mundane. If I had to guess about a style, I bet it'll be a bit like Elbow's music, which often takes sort of boring sounding stuff and elevating it in a slightly old-timey orchestral/art rock way but with a particular English melancholy but with a bit of uplift anyways. Speaking of everyday:
  20. Timbaland had a hand in the drums on True Love, which I think are excellent! I know the electronic drums are controversial to some, but for what was meant to be achieved in that song, I think they were perfect. So I'm more confidence in Timbaland than Stargate, who admittedly did contribute to some weird decisions on LP7. That said, I thought Stargate's contributions to the Los Unidades songs are really good!
  21. I wish they would bring back Hurts Like Heaven. I thought AHFOD is a great opener song actually. Square One is so cool with the countdown though. So much to choose from. <3 Agreed that the request thing got kind of stale. So much they could've chosen from. ALSO has anyone attempted to speculate about the file name of the sun-moon image on the Coldplay site? It's referred to as "OG_image" in the source code. What could that mean? Origin? Original gangster? Optical game? ?!?! (It's not letting me upload the file but just view the source code and you'll see what I mean)
  22. 1. Wow great job to everyone following all the clues. I feel like the coldplay.com sun and moon have gotten smaller but again, anecdotal. 2. I would love to have Will sing. On The 2nd Law by Muse there are 2 songs sung by Chris (the bassist) instead of Matt, and they are excellent. Will is one in a long line of backup singers who have better singing from a technical perspective than the lead singer (see the Edge vs Bono in U2, Pete Townshend vs Roger Daltrey in the Who to name a couple EDIT: and Liam and Noel Gallagher x100000). I still want a Will song even if his voice is more "boring."
  23. Controversial opinion: most of Oldplay is far more lyrically homogenous compared to new songs. Most of Parachutes through AROBTTH is the same "I love you, I'm sorry" with maybe Clocks, GPASUYF, and a couple of the oddball AROBTTH songs as exceptions (eg title track, A Whisper). Whereas VLV delves into a lot of politics and other storylines, MX is all over the place in an interesting way, GS is slightly more homogenous again, but AHFOD really has a bit of everything! With the exception of Army of One/X Marks the Spot, Jonny has GREAT features on AHFOD. Up&Up's solos (though 1 is Noel Gallagher) are amazing, AHFOD has great guitar lines, and AOAL is built entirely around a Jonny riff. What's not to like in this album from a guitar standpoint!
  24. "See you soon" eh?! Any chance you can PM me the Radiohead tapes? I forgot to download them when they were on Bandcamp. :(
  25. Great finds! AOAL - Will actually is singing the woohoo's in the normal version live too. By the way I LOVE his backing vocals on "If we only have this life..." They just rarely put the camera on him. Love the cowbell...sounds pretty close to the spoons on the album version! Here's another nice stripped version [ugh why can't Chris always play piano on this song...] where you can hear Will sing the "ALIVE AGAIN!" Will always sings the second para in all performances of the song! (There are some Chris or Chris+Jonny only performances where he only sings the first para).
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