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  1. Does anyone know where one can get an official-ish digital copy of Hypnotised (EP Mix)? I bought the vinyl and indeed There are some changes I would make to AHFOD's tracklisting in general that are reflected in this proposal: 1. AHFOD, Charlie Chaplin intro 2. AICTAIY 3. A L I E N S 4. Birds 5. AOAL 6. HFTW 7. Fun 8. Everglow 9. Army of One/XMTS 10. SJLT 11. Someone Special 12. Miracles 13. Hypnotised 14. Kaleidoscope 15. Amazing Day 16. Colour Spectrum 17. Up&Up ^As such, songs 12 through 17 would be a ridiculous high, especially since Miracles, Hypnotised, and Amazing Day are all very happy songs in F major. :D
  2. Has anyone noticed that the Coldplay website shows the moon phase? Just a random observation. :)
  3. It's possible that the crowd singing won't be present on the album version right? It might just be in there for the video - same as how the videos for AHFOD and Everglow are sort of adapted to the live versions compared to the not-live (AHFOD integrates crowd noise/singing/live stuff compared to the album version, Everglow is just Chris even though the "single version" has Jonny's guitar and backup vocals from Will). I agree that it'd be a bit much normally. I also agree that the video is good but not great. If the kid did something more interesting at the end then I'd be happy with it, since the visuals are otherwise really cool with the kid diving into the concert via kaleidoscope that's looking through, and the video itself has kaleidoscope effect. I guess if we treat it as a "band performs song in the video" type of music video then it's pretty good, but if we're comparing it against videos that have a good story like Strawberry Swing or the Scientist, then it's not as great. Jonny's guitar parts are more prominent which I too am happy about. :) It's a very MX-era sound that he has. :D
  4. ^I noticed that too. That gig was weird weird mix between Chris+Jonny+backing track/DJ person and Chris+Jonny acoustic. I doubt that that's at all going to be a common occurrence. The new live version has Jonny's guitar on top of the synths, not instead of. It's just a little more guitar-heavy. In a good way!
  5. This probably isn't a big spoiler to anyone but I am excited for the live cut of SJLT because it will have more Jonny guitar and drums. In fact, there's an entirely new guitar part that he plays during the bridge after the 2nd chorus (2:40, at "where'd you want to go...") This might not change anyone if you're deadset on hating the Chainsmokers, but I think it will be an improvement over the single version. :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T2CPibXd3ZQ Mobile Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T2CPibXd3ZQ
  6. Noooo I was hoping for A L I E N S to be a 15 minute space opera. :(
  7. I would love to see Chris's Flea/bass impression. :lol:
  8. Yep I definitely teared up a little. Partially from kicking myself that I didn't submit a video. :(
  9. Thanks Stephen for your work! I've noticed a similar die-off of the forum and rise in Facebook use for Lostpedia, the site for all things Lost (the TV show). Though the Facebook use is more to connect with old friends on the forum in a more real-life way (some have married, some have met up, etc). I do believe forums deliver something social media doesn't - permanence of discussion. If we just had a Coldplaying Facebook group or just used the page, everything would be comments on a centrla post. This is ironically LESS social than the forum, where every single post counts equally (and is easy to search!). The viewing format allows for long-form posts, but without the writer and readers dynamic of a blog. This therefore allows much more in-depth discussions about things like, say, whether our forum is dying. :lol: The fact that Coldplaying has achieved it all and continues to fight on is a testament to our strength as fans! We have a great forum, wiki, Facebook page, multimedia within the forums... I'm only sad to say that I'm 5 years older than I was when I joined and real life has kicked in a lot harder, so I can't bring as much energy as I used to myself. :( I imagine others must be feeling the same, and it's been a year since the new album so of course it's a little dustier around. Of course there's also a component of some fans being negative, and I think negativity begets negativity. So we need to be positive! Unless you truly don't feel that way and in that case I apologize that you're not able to enjoy Coldplay the way I still do. :)
  10. ^One I Love, Everything's Not Lost, and a number of other songs in the early Coldplay days have a really nice funky groove to them. Another couple songs that comes to mind of that sort are High Speed and Shiver. Those songs are almost jazzy in their basslines, which is interesting of Guy since he's not in Jonny Goes Jazz. :p I'm not sure any recent Coldplay has had that style that I can think of. This may also be because the drums have shifted in nature, which means the bass needs to be different. Not that this is a bad thing, but an interesting evolution of the bass lines!
  11. I'm a huge fan of Birds' bassline! It's very shuffly and dancy in a way that most Coldplay songs aren't. A long time ago Chris said AHFOD would make you dance a bit and at least for me, Birds is the song that really embodies that for me. :) Whoa I never noticed the bassline in this song - it's very groovy! More good basslines: -Paradise! I really like the distortion on the album version, and in general it's just a great melody. -Yes, during the instrumental bits Guy plays a very cello-like line. (I'm sure it's him though because in live versions he plays it and it sounds the same) -AIMH, during the instrumental part. Very prominent Guy line that works really well with Jonny's guitar and the strings and I love it!
  12. TOO MANY TO NAME. -The second verse of Up&Up (on "how come people suffer..."), and the song in general. -The end of ETIAW -UATW - ultra simple line, but it's the climax of the song! -Speed of Sound
  13. While I would certainly love a Brian Eno collaboration again, I do think some of the decisions made on VLV/MX weren't the greatest either such as: -Will's vocals are way too quiet in Us Against the World -The style of the vocals on Major Minus is questionable and polarizing -The drums at the beginning of Lost! are jarringly too loud Agreed that Stargate had more of a negative effect on things than Brian Eno or those two albums.....but I just want to note that nobody including Coldplay the band is immune from making some musical decisions we're not happy with.
  14. My current ranking is as follows, but I'm mainly ranking based on the album as a whole, the message it sends, and the coherence of the songs. However I did let AHFOD get pretty high due to the presence of Up&Up which might be my favourite Coldplay song in general. 1# VLV 2# MX 3# AHFOD 4# X&Y 5# Ghost Stories 6# AROBTTH 7# Parachutes Best song of the album for you: Up&Up Worst song: XMTS (not because I don't like it but just because everything is better and it does feel a bit unfinished) Song that you like way more now: Hymn for the Weekend - the live version has really sold me on this song, where I more notice the guitar and piano, the interesting percussion, etc Song that you like a little less now: Army of One - I like this song a lot, but after hearing the live version, I now know where all the guitar parts are SUPPOSED to be, but realize they're very very faint on the album version, which is kind of a bummer.
  15. Bit late to reply to follow-ups on my last post, but wasn't trying to call out anyone individual or imply anyone was saying unreasonable things about Obama. I'm just really defensive about AHFOD because I think it's a perfectly decent album, and as the US plunges into Trumpmania I do want to be positive about Obama. :) I too would love to see the other three get lead vocals! They all have such unique voices that do work well together on songs like Fix You and Violet Hill. Up&Up would've been nicer if it didn't have all the kids and Beyonce and it could just be the 4 of them going at it. The song Gone But Not F. Cotton is great because you can really hear Chris and the other 3 sing out loud. Will's voice is amazing and in some ways technically better than Chris's so I would love to hear that in particular. I'd also love to hear a song that's a duet between Chris and Jonny again, like Politik, Daylight, or Don't Panic. (or similarly, Chris and Guy) That's one thing I miss about the X&Y era, which is that in many live performances, it's Will AND Guy providing a lot of backup vocals - most evidently in Speed of Sound. One thing I'll throw out there is that it wasn't until Muse's 6th studio album that they put Chris (the bassist) on lead vocals for two songs. I did a quick search and I think the first song that features the Edge on lead vocals was on Rattle & Hum, the 6th U2 LP. So Coldplay would only be 2 LPs behind that mark to get him in there. :p The Nappies oddly has a really similar synthesizer part to Talk, so.... :D :D :D
  16. My hopes for this EP remain high. :) I'm surprised about the negativity surrounding the last few albums because I can't help but enjoy and embrace so much of the new material. I could go on for ages about what I like, but I will say some of the negativity is a bit of a turnoff for me. But I'll just spurt out one thing I'm feeling positively about: Up&Up is an AMAZING song (and a single). It is catchy with big anthemic choruses, it has great uplifting lyrics jam-packed with interesting imagery and cultural references, there are TWO excellent guitar solos (the first one possibly being one of the best solos in a Coldplay song besides Hurts Like Heaven), there is also atmospheric guitar by Jonny (which people are always clamouring there should be), and a PERFECT music video. I'll also throw in a couple possible things that are "offensive" about Coldplay is the music videos to Princess of China and Hymn for the Weekend. I'm not 100% in the boat that they're offensive, but I do think things could've been done a bit more sensitively (eg in POC, not mixing up Asian cultures and using Rihanna, a non-Asian actress; in HFTW - featuring ONLY "primitive" images of India and not any of its interesting modernity and development). Also, I can understand some of the discomfort with Coldplay/Chris, but like others have said, it's a bit of a narrow judgment to consider Obama solely on the basis of drone strikes. I believe Obama would've been much better if it weren't for a Republican congress shackling him as well as the inheritance of so many horrible problems from the Bush era. The reason there are drone strikes is because 1. Bush and presidents before Bush helped create terrorist movements and 2. Bush started two giant wars and while drone strikes are horrible, there IS a calculation we have to think about in terms of the human life that would be lost from other forms of welfare when there are perceivably threatening people running around. Do I agree with this - NO. Of course I would wish Obama would pursue more diplomatic and peaceful foreign policies. But I do think what has ended up happening is a result of his constraints rather than his evil intents. We've also seen from him, which I believe will make many people's lives better and increase peace in the future: -Significant expansion of access to healthcare under the Affordable Care Act (not perfect, but BETTER than before). -Legalization of same-sex marriage -The Paris climate change deal -Iran nuclear deal -Normalization of having a black president. It doesn't fix racism but it's a step in the right direction. Obama is not perfect but he is trying REALLY hard to fix the horrible problems in America. And if you consider the actual moment of his used in the album - that's him singing after the Charleston shooting, standing with the families of the deceased and the African American community. That's the whole name of what Coldplay does - finding happiness and hope in the darkest of times. In my mind, they captured that perfectly by featuring Obama in this way.
  17. These songs were great! Heartfelt, stripped down, but big nonetheless. Will's voice is amazing and much appreciated. And it indeed sounds like Will was playing acoustic guitar for just the end of the first half of Christmas Lights, which is different than usual. :)I would love to hear the other songs though, esp Violet Hill where there are not a lot of acoustic performances of that song.
  18. Holy wow thanks y'all for posting these soundchecks. They sound AMAZING. :)
  19. Wow what an amazing cover of Coldplay by Chris Martin! :p ;) The loop pedal is fantastic, though to Chris's credit, he does use the loop pedal in shows already - such as at the end of the acoustic section before Amazing Day.
  20. I can't answer for sure but... 1. Jonny often uses a Les Paul for live performances on Violet Hill and it's very crunchy and great. 2. Achieving the effects is as much about the effects as it is the guitar --> figure out the right combo of overdrive, reverb, and delay to get to what you need. For instance, running most anything into a Boss RV5 reverb on its Modulate mode is highly likely to get you close to Lovers in Japan. 3. Jonny also uses a Fender Stratocaster for much of MX and the MX tour, and the Edge uses the strat a lot (such as on Where the Streets Have No Name). Not sure how a Start compares to a PRS or Les Paul, but it's just something to throw in there for your consideration.
  21. My guess is the Micro Pog since that gets used on Violet Hill in the live version. Though I also wonder if he's using some kind of envelope filter kind of thing...it almost sounds like certain guitar solos from Muse where I have a feeling Matthew Bellamy is running some kind of synth-generator or envelope filter. I haven't been able to figure out exactly either though. :)
  22. Actually, he is using a loop pedal that records a snippet of guitar and plays it over and over. That's how he's able to create several layers of acoustic guitar sound before entirely not playing at all and then just turning the volume down. If you want a very thorough demonstration of how the loop pedal works, check out this video of Chris performing Clocks:
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