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  1. It's a pretty interesting acoustic guitar part. It sounds like what Jonny plays live for Charlie Brown. But mostly it just sounds like this funny little droning thing that oddly fits in the song well.
  2. Finally listened to the whole EP and I like it! Voodoo is a great feels-like-it's-by-Coldplay song with some great Jonny riffs. Timbuktu is very catchy. Rise Up is cool, with a nice guitar line - maybe that was Jonny? I don't know how I feel about Nelson Mandela's voice being used that way, but I get someone probably okay-ed that and that it's all well meaning. *shrug* Btw! E-Lo is pretty good live!! Chris and Pharrell are a little sloppy but it looks like they're having fun. The drums and guitars and stuff feel more present too, though the piano at the end is not as prominent which I think is important in the album version.
  3. Chainsmokers might be controversial, but I have to say that either they influenced the scene or they are emblematic of artists who came before them, and that all resulted in songs like SJLT but also this song by Bastille while I like a lot: Marshmello & Bastille - Happier (Live on Ellen) - YouTube
  4. Indeed it's hard to hear Jonny when Will sings so powerfully, oops. And Jonny is singing the octave below Chris so it's way harder to pick out. You can hear him clearly on this recording though: Parachutes era: Will is carrying the whole second half of Everything's Not Lost Will also has some nice vocals in this version of Yellow (as well as all versions) but particularly listen during the second chorus. :)
  5. Will has some great vocals on all of Ghost Stories... Ink "ft Rihanna" While I LOVE Will's backing vocals on Magic (the cool layering in the choruses is just so CLEVER), it's also one of FEW examples out there where you can hear him make some singing mistakes. Oh and remember when he played lead guitar whilst singing beautiful vocals?! Also I remembered there was this version of Fix You out there, which is a true testament to Will's outrageous ability to sound exactly like the studio versions of things (and this is a stripped down performance so 0% chance that it's on a backing track). Also note how Jonny sings and lazy ol' Guy doesn't. :p
  6. Just found out what that one bit of E-Lo is!! Nice sample/homage! It's Mother Miriam! :)
  7. I'm happy to give some feedback! I'm in America and write/perform music too!
  8. I quite like the song, but I like the video even more!!!!!!!!!!! The lyrics are very meaningful, and per Miracles (someone special) style and AOAL, there's a lot of good references that I haven't yet fully understood but indeed sounds like they may be about Apartheid and such. I do wish there was more guitar though, as I often do. :) I bet when they play this live there'll be this giant Jonny guitar solo we didn't notice on the album version because it's not mixed loudly enough.... :p
  9. ^The band has a bad habit of toning down Will's vocals on album versions. :( UATW is particularly the case for that. Here's an obscure find - the 2010 version of A Message with some excellent Will vocals (also extremely crunchy Jonny guitar lines)
  10. I love Will vocals and have many many things to say about them. Here's something I found just now when I looked up to see if there are any stripped versions of Fix You (that aren't Chris and Jonny only). This appears to be one of those files of extra bits to songs (see also in the "what does Jonny do on Viva la Vida" thread for all the little guitar bits he does). Some great Will vocals, and a bit of Jonny/Guy too! Also here's a nice version of Fix You where thanks to Chris's shenanigans, we can hear everyone else's vocals really well:
  11. Wonderful interview and now I am craving B-sides. :(
  12. I believe he's alluding to the very end, where the strings do this chromatic (note-by-note) ascending thing, which is pretty unusual. In fact, it's the exact kind of thing someone would come up with if they can't read music because if you don't know what you're doing sometimes all you can do is go to the next note on the piano. GPASUYF is the same sort of chromatic thing, except instead it's descending instead of ascending. Or Guy came up with it. :p
  13. Another observation about the bell in VLV - when Will tries the bell in the Amsterdam performance above, the sound abruptly stops even though he is NOT using a hand to stabilize/stop the vibrating. I think this is pretty strong evidence that the bell is a sample rather than the sound of the bell through a microphone, though it is also possible that it IS a mic'ed bell and they just set the output volume to the audience to be 0 once the bell is quieter than a certain level. I think others have observed that the bell is a triggered sample but just thought I'd point it out. (triggered as in, a vibration sensor feels when you've hit a drum, bell, or other item, then plays a digital sample of a sound - which is also how Will gets the big fat snare sound he has on Violet Hill, most likely). whaaaaat where is this from
  14. WOW THIS IS SO INTERESTING AND NEW TO ME! (I'm almost as surprised as I was when I first heard all the guitar parts to Army of One in the first half) The little thing around 2:00 is in the studio version for sure but I don't think he exactly plays it that way live, but he plays something similar in texture with that cool chimy effect - which I believe is delay (echo) but it's so pitch shifted that it just sounds like chimes. I love the howly bending guitar part and I too wonder if it's in the studio mix. I feel like I hear it both on the studio and live versions - on the 3rd line of the chorus when the strings rise in volume! Listen with headphones and you'll hear it in the right ear! Jonny doesn't play that live of course though. The thing at 2:43 is 100% in the studio version at 2:56, and I always assumed it was a funny violin line but it must be Jonny! Also note at 21:00 of the 2008 Amsterdam video above, Guy plays his bass for a second, and it sounds really high! That's because he is using an effect that duplicates the signal of his bass and shifts the pitch of his bass up (Rage Against the Machine uses this a lot; White Stripes uses the same but in the reverse direction to get the bassline in Seven Nation Army). And he uses that to duplicate the violin line after the first chunklet of singing!! If you listen closely You can also see in the Glastonbury video and many others he plays this in nearly all live version of the song. Also you can hear Guy NOT using the pitch shift effect for whatever reason in this video and you can hear just bass and no sounds-like-guitar-bass: Edit - another interesting discovery after listening to 2008 versions of the song is that you can hear Guy PLAYING SOME OF THE STRING PARTS just before the 1st chorus (+hear the tack pianos in action, since both Chris and Jonny play simultaneously at the beginning)
  15. Sad the youtube Fix You in Sao Palo is missing the strings in the intro, but it's nice otherwise! Yay new stuff!! Re natural-ness: these two videos have a bit of the same as what they did in Live 2012, which is a lot of slow motion cuts in between normal-cuts. Less of that in this, but still some. I don't mind it, since if I want a "natural" concert video I can go watch people's (outrageously high quality) phone recordings or other televised concerts. In fact it's more artistic and feels unique, so I like it! But it is less natural. :p
  16. *bump* does anyone have a recording of the UWTB soundcheck? :(
  17. I heard they had written the verses but took 10 years to write the chorus of Violet Hill. I wonder if the title track of Parachutes is an unfinished track; the guitar tuning I believe is the same as Shiver and Yellow, so perhaps Chris was writing a 3rd song that sounded like the other 2. Chris used to play a piano line at the end of LIJ in the second half of the MX tour that's thought to be a precursor to Fly On at least in terms of rhythm and overall feel.
  18. Wow never noticed this. That is VERY clearly A L I E N S (and I think it's even in 5/4 like the finished song) with that high acoustic guitar line and everything. Thanks for sharing! A couple more examples: -There's an interview somewhere that Chris says Ink is like See You Soon where they had the acoustic guitar in the same tuning and just sort of discovered the new melody for that. Not quite an unfinished then finished situation, but certainly the song lived on in a different way! -If you listen to the guitar lines in the chorus of Things I Don't Understand, it sounds very recycled into the chorus of What If. -Christmas Lights is what Wedding Bells became pretty clearly.
  19. This makes sense for HFTW and ASFOS. However, doesn't really make sense for Clocks. The supposed pre-recorded Chris vocals are NOT the studio version, and the instrumentation is relatively different/clearly live, with Chris doing interesting bits on the piano esp during the bridge and Jonny doing some pretty big effects not present on the studio version.
  20. The band has said they'd never do a self titled album right? I could see Coldplay doing an album in the style of Drake....it would be interesting but not my favourite. :lol: But imagine Hotline Bling with more piano. Oh wait...
  21. I looked on that Twitter and it doesn't seem to have any details. Can you link to a specific post maybe?
  22. You'll be pleasantly surprised to know Coldplay re-covered it with Kylie herself during the GS tour while they were in Australia! (listen for a mega addition to the drums before the last chorus by Will... :D)
  23. Hymn for the Weekend: bird noises at the beginning, references to wings and being lifted up though this is also mostly a reference to angels. Up in Flames: "So it's over, this time you're flying on..."
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