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  1. Whoa never noticed that look Gem is so charming. <3 I feel like there's been kind of a swing in the art. VLV was pretty classy/focused despite the splatterpaint, MX was very loud and colourful, GS was maximally subdued and VERY classy, and then AHFOD is once again pretty eclectic and colourful. --> Will we return to another simplistic album cover? Maybe something like X&Y? That's where I'll put my money. :p Or perhaps something black and white but VERY intricate like the recent Bon Iver cover: Or the recent Radiohead cover Or now that I've gone and said this perhaps it will be very colourful and not at all intricate. :p
  2. Agreed on all points! It's just a song with piano, guitar, bass, and real drums and a bit of strings...the literal definition of Oldplay. I also totally nerd out at the one bit of the song's climax where the time signature goes from 6/8 to 3/4 on "I always want to feel this way" and it just makes my heart freaking soar. The music video always makes me tear up a little. :) I actually like the album version intro...it feels very wet for lack of a better word. :lol: My only complaint is that in the piano is on a backing track in the normal live version...but it's not even a particularly dancy song the way that HFTW is??? I feel like the performance would've been more heartfelt had Chris sat down to play the piano.
  3. Neat topic! Chris: AHFOD, because of his eternally positive outlook Jonny: MX, because there's a mix of atmospheric guitar, guitar solos, and big guitar lines/riffs. I like to imagine he had fun making this album. He has some great stuff on AROBTTH though - with era defining riffs like in In My Place and GPASUYF. I feel like Jonny's musical personality has changed a lot through the years though, with more and more songs where he's front and center with each album. Guy: Ghost Stories, because of Magic and the laser harp in Midnight - he must've felt like such a boss! Guy also seemed to play a big role in the production of GS, and I feel like he must've had the opportunity to nerd out a little fine tuning everything. Will: VLVoDAAHF. This was the first time we got Will singing lead (on Death Will Never Conquer) and of course he totally shines on songs like Viva la Vida and Violet Hill. In fact there's not a bad song on this album when it comes to drums - they're all bangers. :D Speaking of Will as the quality control gatekeeper, that's definitely also an argument for VLV since it's such a tight album with songs that are universally liked. On the other hand, I think Will probably had a lot of fun doing all the electronic drums on Ghost Stories. I enjoy how he hybridized the approaches on AHFOD, with songs like Birds and Up&Up having a very interesting mix of electronic and acoustic drums. Phil: Parachutes through X&Y - there from the beginning, and supposedly Swallowed in the Sea is his favourite song.
  4. It's interesting how many changes the song has undergone - the 1st verse is much different in Argentina. Curious!
  5. I agree that the live version is better but sort of for the opposite reason. The album version is actually a lot cleaner because the piano has been taken out from much of the such, and a lot of the strings and stuff seem tighter. Either way, I think various production decisions went the wrong way for AHFOD for songs that seem amazing live.
  6. Speaking of horns, I think there are neat ways to use them that are unconventional and surprisingly atmospheric. Noel Gallagher and Bon Iver are good examples of this:
  7. My dream would be more psychadelic Pink Floyd-ish stuff. Ie lots of songs like Moving to Mars, AICTAIY, Hypnotised. I wouldn't mind more songs like Up&Up. Even songs like Magic I quite like, just because it so heavily features another member of the band like Guy. I'm keeping an open mind certainly. :) I think the band makes the music they want to make because they want, regardless of record deals or anything else at this point. I think Stargate wasn't the best decision, but I can see why they did it.
  8. Interesting! The ending reminds me of DLIBYH, with some nice atmospheric guitar and synth! The new verse guitar is indeed more generic Coldplay but it does stand out more pleasantly. The pre-recorded backup vocal sounds like some kids. That's kind of cool I guess! Kind of like the kids in 15 Step by Radiohead. One irritating thing - I think the acoustic guitar is on a backing track in these performances. You can clearly see Chris at certain points in the performance NOT strumming even though you can hear the acoustic. Same thing happens in some performances of Birds. :/ REALLY EXCELLENT THINGS: the bassline!!!!!! It's got so many notes....reminds me of DAAHF!!!!!!! The DRUMS. Definitely has an MX feel to it. The way the bass stops and the big drum fill brings in the last chorus has so much energy - I love it! Also the synth arpeggiator thing in the background I quite like! Kind of MX-like. Also reminds me of some songs by Chvrches.
  9. Very Bossa Nova with epic jazzy piano by Jon Hopkins. You might say Jonny went jazz! Good recording here:
  10. Wow what an informative chat. I was particularly surprised about Paradise having different tempos throughout. That explains why it's so hard to play on piano without someone also playing drums. :lol: It was both cool to hear about all the backing tracks but also kind of sad that they're just so okay with having that level of backing tracks. Also fascinating that the click track is shaker and tambourine. Who would've known!? It also makes me wonder if that explains the random tambourine that's audible in videos like this. Note how when the drums come in, there's a pretty prominent shaker/tambourine. I wonder if someone accidentally sent the click track to the concert speakers instead of only Will's ear monitors. Though it also stops when the drums stop...so maybe they were just playing with having a tambourine/shaker track in this song for that show or tour.
  11. Holy Mountain....it's catchy and I like the horns. The lyrics seem kind of silly and there are no guitar solos. :(
  12. Very beautiful that Chris played Fly On!!!! Kind of sad that the band didn't join him though. Jonny's bird noises, Wills' vocals AND GUITAR are especially highlights of the song for me.
  13. The band just seems to hate X&Y. :p I'd love to see some footage of the Asia shows - like AICTAIY in Tokyo. :D
  14. I too am a big fan of UATW - Chris and Will are so perfect together on that song. Other good vocal melodies: -Strawberry Swing. I really like how Chris does a sort of falsetto bit of the "ry" of strawberry when he sings each line. -The chorus of Amsterdam in particular, another song where Chris and Will pair perfectly. On the album version I think there's a second Chris line or Jonny singing beneath Will's part and it really adds to the body of the chorus despite there only being piano. -ASFOS - there is some amazing falsetto in this song that I've always really liked.
  15. OMG new album? I knew he was recording but I didn't know it was coming so soon! YES I am so happy Gem is back...he just has a way of playing that is less...heavy-handed? Same goes for Chris Sharrock vs Jeremy Stacey. Tim and Jeremy were very talented of course...I just feel they didn't quite complement Noel as well. While the setlists haven't required it so far, I hope Gem gets to sing! He has a good voice and sings on songs like Force of Nature and My Generation when played live. And of course he did some nice backups in Beady Eye. Now, to see if we get Jesus back!
  16. There've been rumours of a live album for quite a while especially since this album is so driven by its liver performances. But this is probably the first "official" news we've heard of it!
  17. ^Weird. Are you using iTunes? Sometimes you have to follow instructions such as these: https://support.apple.com/kb/PH19609?locale=en_US I have so many thoughts about the whole EP...but I'll go song by song because I am gushing with love for it. All I Can Think About is You is amazing and it's all I can sing about in my head right now. The first time I heard the song, I was riding the train from Kyoto to Hiroshima while on holiday, and I had no idea that the 2nd half of the song was coming. Suddenly, beautiful piano and strings washing around, and then a mega guitar part by Jonny. The first half is great too - the drums have a nice drive to them and remind me a lot of the beat from Teardrop by Massive Attack, and the bassline reminds me of Come Together by the Beatles. I don't find any of that boring at all - the piano, guitar, and vocals vary a lot over the hypnotic bass and drums. The guitar line when Chris is singing "all I can think about is you" in the first half reminds me a lot of Everything's Not Lost, at the ends of verses. At first, I thought Chris's singing was sort of boring and flat in the way that things sing GS have been, but now I more fully understand the song as being underwater and reaching the surface - especially after watching the music video, which I LOVE. My only complaints would be that the guitar could still be a little louder at the end, the drums could be louder at the end, and the Birds-like ending seems kind of unnecessary when they've already done that with birds. Something more like the ending of Paradise might've been more fitting. Various highlights: -The chords in the 2nd half are very clever and are very unique in their progression because there's a lot of chromatic stuff going on (not sure the exact word), but what I mean is that the bassline sort of descends in semitones between jumps and it's cool. It's sort of like For You, Paradise, GPASUYF, and Atlas all got strung together. -Guy's bassline. I loved the way his bass drove Magic, so this is even more exciting! -Jonny's guitar. WOW. It's not quite a giant solo like Up&Up or HLH, but he has a really great melody that has bends and fast notes but is also actually fairly minimalist all at the same time. And the tonality is very interesting, as in, he plays some notes that you wouldn't think would be in key but actually are. Another cool thing is the brief chords he plays within his solos. Kind of reminds me of what he does in Paradise. Probably the coolest moment though, is in the 2nd repeat of the loud part (after "everything is falling all around you"), when Jonny's guitar and Chris's vocals are in exact time with each other on "all I can think about is you". The level of togetherness and harmony there is REALLY powerful to me. -Will's drum fills in the second half...they're very powerful and driving. They remind me of the MX live version of GPASUYF. -That little piano run at the beginning of the song, it's kind of like that figure Chris does in the 2nd verse of Everglow. It really adds character and makes it seem less like Chris is just playing chords or something (eg the Scientist). Also, I really like the lyrics. I know a lot of people are complaining about them being similar to other songs or silly, and it is true that we've had a lot of bird lyrics. But I think it works really well here. The song is thematically similar to how the Scientist came about - the world being messed up and broken, yet all you can think about is someone you're in love with (roughly paraphrasing a thing Chris said a long time ago). Many of the lyrics very cleverly allude to the broken state of the world - fish stuck on the ground, and most interestingly, "chaos giving orders." I think that line is way more clever than people are giving the band credit for...because chaos is the opposite of order, and we often have to do what other people tell us to do...but what we do creates disorder. And orders are given by people in the military, and conflict creates disorder. I'll admit the shoe line is kind of confusing and I kept hearing it as "parachutes" but I think it'll make sense in a year or two like "I'd rather be a comma than a full stop" (which I realized is brilliant about 18 months after MX came out). Anyways this song is most certainly in a tie with Hypnotised for my favourite song of the album, and of my favourite songs by the band. :)
  18. Thanks so much! I indeed did get a download card, but the download came with the music video/non-EP mix of Hypnotised. Oops!
  19. I'm not ready to post a full review but holy wow I LOVE All I Can Think About is You and Hypnotised. I really like A L I E N S too but I'm surprised it's overshadowing those 2 tracks in terms of hype. Either way, I love these 3 tracks and hope that they get enough love from the band relative to SJLT. Thanks! If you could indeed share that with me that would be wonderful. Since I've already purchased the EP on vinyl, I'm not fussed about whether it's bought/official, just that it's the real thing and not remixed...just so I can listen and compare the versions. :) Sad that there is this discrepancy - I've heard the EP mix on Spotify and quite like it!
  20. Does anyone know where one can get an official-ish digital copy of Hypnotised (EP Mix)? I bought the vinyl and indeed There are some changes I would make to AHFOD's tracklisting in general that are reflected in this proposal: 1. AHFOD, Charlie Chaplin intro 2. AICTAIY 3. A L I E N S 4. Birds 5. AOAL 6. HFTW 7. Fun 8. Everglow 9. Army of One/XMTS 10. SJLT 11. Someone Special 12. Miracles 13. Hypnotised 14. Kaleidoscope 15. Amazing Day 16. Colour Spectrum 17. Up&Up ^As such, songs 12 through 17 would be a ridiculous high, especially since Miracles, Hypnotised, and Amazing Day are all very happy songs in F major. :D
  21. Has anyone noticed that the Coldplay website shows the moon phase? Just a random observation. :)
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