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  1. Listen for Guy's acoustic guitar line! Great cover! This one is less well known even though it was so recent.
  2. I quite like their cover of the Beastie Boys when their member MCA passed away:
  3. I fancied having a discussion about the music that inspires Coldplay B-sides. In a totally self-interested way, I want to find more music that sounds like Sleeping Sun. Because i cannot place the inspiration for that song. For me, it makes me think of a bunch of antelopes running through the Australian plains??? But are there other bands that sound like this? Other examples of things we can talk about: -Moving to Mars is a little bit like Life on Mars? by David Bowie, with a lot of melancholy piano and then a huge guitar solo. The guitar solo is VERY Pink Floyd-esque though. -One I Love is clearly a product of Echo and the Bunnymen, and the band covering Lips Like Sugar during the AROBTTH era. -Not a B-side, but Another's Arms reminds me a lot of 80s music. For instance the spoons part sounds a little like the keyboard part in Africa by Toto.
  4. Finally listened to the whole album. I need to listen to it more, but I generally like it less than the other two albums. But holy pants the artwork is pretty!!!!! Dead in the Water is the best track on the album hands down...too bad it's just a B-side. Imagine a full band version of that too. The Man Who Built the Moon kicks ass, yet has never been played live. For the rest of the songs, I feel like there are 0 good guitar solos even though Gem is now touring with the band...which is really sad given how great songs like Riverman and I Wanna Live in a Dream / Stop the Clocks, etc. The atmospherics and production of this album are good though, esp on headphones. It's a Beautiful World is cool too. Most of the songs don't really do what I want them to do in some way? Who knows, maybe the album will grow on me. I guess I'm an oldNoel-er and just wanted 10 songs like Dead in the Water. xD
  5. I guess another counterargument to my earlier point is that the shows have relatively similar setlists across the whole tour. Why make 4 of a very similar thing? However, maybe there will be CD mixes of songs off 1 leg, and DVD mixes off another - that would get us 48?
  6. Given that their shows have about 24 songs including interludes, perhaps there will be 4 different versions of the AHFOD concert, as in 4 times 24 songs equals 96 things to produce? Maybe 4 shows or locations perhaps. More optimistically I’d love to see a full album of soundchecks this tour so we can hear things like HYPNOTISED (full band), AROBTTH (2003 to 2007 versión), Spies, Oceans, just to name a few songs that I know were soundchecked based on YouTube videos.
  7. I might be able to see him next weekend for MoogFest and was wondering if his live set is worth catching? I'd probably have to pay like $100 for a daypass to the festival. I love Midnight and Life in Technicolor!! Thanks!
  8. The verses seem to mostly hover on an F Choruses Dm-Bb-F Hope that gets you started! I've never learned the song myself but will have a crack at it...by November 2018. ;)
  9. Great finds - I've never heard that acoustic Chris/Jonny version of Swallowed in the Sea...very pretty. :) I'll also add 42 and Christmas Lights are excellent piano songs. :) Especially this version at the Paralympics: Another great version of X&Y and though this is a piano thread I'll point out Jonny does some really neat guitar in the intro and outros! Note also the super cool piano in the middle interlude! LIJ is great and has such a smart piano part but I wish Chris would play it instead of having it on the backing track. :( Let me know if there's one particular song or moment in a song y'all want to learn, and I can work on a tutorial!
  10. Great cover! I too wish it had more of Guy/Jonny/Will but still good. :)
  11. While Americana/folk and/or psychadelic/dreampop is a cool and likely possibility, here's another idea to entertain while we have nothing to talk about: Another possibility that came to mind as I was listening to various music - what if Coldplay did a triphop/jazzy album? AICTAIY has been compared to Massive Attack because the first half of the song centers around a very hypnotic drumbeat and bassline, and the drumbeat is almost identical to Teardrop by Massive Attack. Other music that I think of from the 1990s that has this style is Zero-7 and Moby. Coldplay has in one interview said one of the albums they always listened to during their beginnings was Moon Safari by Air. Which has one of the most amazing songs of all time, Under the Milky Way (featured on Donnie Darko) complete with acoustic guitar and a guitar/"bagpipe" solo made with electric guitar + ebow + running the guitar through a synthesizer. There's a VERY moving fanmade video that because of copyright reasons doesn't have the studio audio anymore, but I promise you your mind will be blown if you listen to THIS AUDIO over the SECOND VIDEO: over THIS VIDEO (but MUTE THE AUDIO HERE):
  12. I believe it's "light a fire, a fire a spark"
  13. I would love to hear all these things as well! I don't believe there is an AHFOD-Fix You studio version, no. I'd also love to have studio-quality recordings of all the request songs, especially the rarities like AROBTTH, Amstesrdam, the-new-version-of-UATW, Swallowed in the Sea, Strawberry Swing, a Message... The Everglow single includes Muhammad Ali's speech I believe. :)
  14. A Coldplay + CHVRCHES/Lavren Mayberry (spelling intentional ;)) collaboration would be particularly interesting. Or Coldplay + Lianne La Havas!!! She's one of the most talented and unique musicians right now. Chris and she were great in this duet: As has been mentioned, Coldplay certainly has a way of being inspired by other artists popular at the moment and imbuing their own (in my opinion) improvement/uniqueness/oomph such as Parachutes-Radiohead, AROBTTH-more Radiohead/Oasis/U2, and more recently ASFOS-recent EDM, SJLT-literally the Chainsmokers. I'm not really sure where contemporary music is going next though, so your guess is as good as mine. ;) In terms of unexplored directions that I could see the band going: -I've probably said this before, but psychadelic rock with extended jam-outs. Up&Up is a step in this direction, and live performances of GPASUYF are very rocky, but no Coldplay song has facilitated an endless Jonny solo the way that say, Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd lets David Gilmore solo for 10 minutes. -80s electropop, sort of how CHVRCHES is inspired by artists like Depeche Mode, Gary Numan. We almost got a taste of this with Another's Arms. -Dubstep/dubstep-inspired pop, though Muse already did this with the 2nd Law. -Americana/folk/country. The slide guitar on Hypnotised is VERY reminiscent of pedal steel guitar as would be heard in a lot of country music (though that song is dressed up in a more AROBTTH-era piano/drum/bass-scape plus a lot of strings and electronic backing similar to True Love, which I appreciate). This makes me think they could recreate some of those sounds. But still, as the last few posters have noted, Coldplay could certainly branch out along the lines of Til Kingdom Come, Now My Feet Won't Touch the Ground, the Goldrush, Green Eyes. I could see them doing something like Jon Mayer's "Born and Raised" album, which is very Americana-inspired. Or maybe even a Mumford and Sons style thing (ironically M+S's 3rd album is a bit Coldplay-like). -Jonny Goes Jazz! But really, a bluesy/jazzy album could be interesting. Something like Esperanza Spalding could be neat!!! And even within this "acoustic album" thing we throw around, that could mean so many things. Til Kingdom Come is a very different song from We Never Change is a very different song from UATW is very different from Oceans, etc. It'd be a cool direction to go, I just don't know what the product would be! A Whisper and Warning Sign sort of drag on and could easily have been B-sides, IMO.
  15. I just want a full band recording of a live version of Hypnotised, since we were denied that during the tour. </3
  16. In the end, there's only love! ... Believe in love!
  17. I like ASFOS and SJLT a lot. :) I think Coldplayers tend to hate on both of these songs for reflecting contemporary top 40 pop of the era - the first reflecting EDM-pop like Titanium by Sia/David Guetta, or songs by artists like Zedd; SJLT obviously sounds like Chainsmokers because it's Chainsmokers. I think Coldplay managed to take those styles and make something unique and cool though...SJLT has an amazing guitar solo for instance! Also, Muse did the same thing on their The 2nd Law by mimicking the dudbstep-pop that was popular at the time. Anyways. :) Overrated: -Foo Fighters. I find Dave Grohl's voice okay, and their music a bit ploddingly heavy. People seem to love Everlong but it just doesn't seem that great or emotional of a song? Underrated: -U2. People HATE U2 but I think they're a brilliant band with great music and talented musicians. The Edge is derided as a crappy guitar player but he has lots of classical-talent AND smart soundscaping. I'll admit I find a few U2 songs to be a bit boring (eg Pride, One) whereas I don't feel ANY Coldplay song is boring.
  18. Ghost Stories doesn't have a perfect name match except for Ghost Story which is a bonus track. Just saying!
  19. You and others were right - I had just never noticed the tambourine in other performances, and it's indeed just a part of natural soundboard variation as to why it's loud in some videos and not others. However, I think the tambourine is either absent or mixed very low in other tours such as this: As for the controversy about backing tracks - I agree that there's a lot that couldn't be done without using extra. I'd however argue that the band has some songs with little to no backing tracks and it still sounds huge. Examples include GPASYUF (no backing track), DAAHF (very small amount of backing track), Everything's Not Lost. Just to name a few. I'll also point out there have been some instances of backing tracks violating the condition you're suggesting. For instance, in GS tour performances of ASFOS, you can see Jonny pretending to play the acoustic guitar part during the 2nd verse; on HFTW, Chris's piano is (likely) on a backing track; there's evidence Chris is lip syncing entirely on Clocks; and many of the vocal tracks for Guy/Jonny/Will are lip synced or a mix of live and backing track. This is when it starts to be getting into the realm of a-little-too-much, IMO, when they're all so talented and don't need the "help".
  20. Interesting now that you all have pointed out - each live DVD has had its own feel indeed! -Live 2003 feels really intimate even though that's probably a reasonably big venue, the Sydney Opera House. -The unreleased X&Y film feels pretty big at some points. I always thought the Square One countdown is so *huge* feeling and really does feel like you're launching into space. Good feels. <3 -Live 2012 has interesting MX style artwork baked into it. It was a pretty cool aesthetic. It feels a little less "realistic" but I appreciate the artistic license at least, with all the rainbows and interesting close-up camera angles (eg the slow-mo during Fix You). It was also interesting how the band interviews were interspersed between songs. That's a different choice too! One thing I didn't like was transitioning between venues for songs, which felt kind of jarring at points. Most egregiously, they switched venues in the MIDDLE OF Major Minus, and it's extremely noticeable to me. Especially because the style in which they performed the song (in terms of instruments and their tone - Jonny switches guitar - and how Chris sings the choruses) changes a lot between 2011 and 2012. I also am sad they cut out Violet Hill from the DVD main video, which means that beautiful transition to GPASUYF is lost. -Live 2014 has a pretty surreal feel, with Chris "flying" on AIMH, and the story arc from Another's Arm through Oceans to ASFOS. The venue itself feels pretty intimate. What will we see with Live 2017/2018? The kaleidoscope/flower of life is an obvious thing. Maybe something with some fan interaction? Kind of like how they stitched audience videos of UATW in Live 2012. I could see them doing something similar for the request songs. Maybe there'll be something fun like on-instrument gopro cameras or something. What other stylistic choices do y'all foresee? Anything is possible!
  21. Maybe they're recording a surprise album in preparation for a surprise tour. :)
  22. I have heard before that DAAHF is two songs mushed into one. Not sure which 2 though. I LOVE IT TOO. The ending being in 7/4 really makes me nerd out. Its rhythm is so flawless and you don't feel that it's irregular, but boy is it atypical! And the shimmering guitar and piano, and Guy has a really nice bassline during the middle third of the song that reminds me a lot of All These Things That I've Done by the Killers. The lyrics are fantastic too - the ending is so powerful, and bearing in mind when VLV came out as an album, it's easy to see how this song and many others on the album are a direct result of the Iraq War.
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